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Castaway Paradise Cheats

Castaway Paradise

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Plant fruit that you find, instead of immediately selling it to Polly or Samir.
  The fruit will eventually grow into trees, which will keep supplying fruit when
  kept watered. You can shake a tree with ripe fruit to collect it. Then, sell the
  fruit from the trees for money. 
* Log in daily for prizes that include money or fruit that can be planted.
* Sell broken televisions, tires, and other trash to a small amount of money. 

Pine trees:
Shake pine trees to get pine cones. Some villagers have quests that require pine 
trees to be grown from those cones.

Catching bugs:
* Take note of which direction the bug will be moving. Tap closely to your character 
  to make them walk slowly ahead of the bug and get in front of it. If positioned 
  correctly the bug will fly directly into you. When the net icon appears, tap it.
* Plant flowers to lure bugs to them. 

Connect to Facebook to get the ability to send and receive gifts from your friends.

When you have a lot of water available, simply walk around your island and water 
everything that requires it. Because each item that can be watered is on a timer,
always make sure it is activated.
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