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Cart Precision Racing Cheats

Cart Precision Racing

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes during gameplay to activate cheat function:

Cheats   Result
EC      - Cycle your speedometer between MPH, KPH and none.
V       - Change your viewpoint while racing.
CAR     - Drive the yellow car you saw in the pit station,
          Don't do this if you're in the pits.
X       - Eliminate car damage.
NOFLAG  - Remove the flag from the corner.
M       - Bring up a view of the map then.
R       - Rotate the map.
BRAVO   - Stronger wheels.
FRAME   - View the game's frame rate (speed).
HEAD    - removes driver's helmet.


Tip 1:
The Race Engineer is a great resource for the terminally unmechanical,
if--and only if--you can effectively translate what the car is doing 
out there before answering his questions. And remember, he won't make
your car perfect--just better.

Tip 2:
In the Controls menu, lean toward linear steering for road courses 
with tight corners, and nonlinear for ovals and road courses with 
big sweeping turns.

Tip 3:
Check what's going on in front of you. And we don't mean just 100 
feet in front of you; we mean as far down the track as you can see.
This is where you'll see people doing stupid things such as crashing
or slowing for no apparent reason. If you see them early enough, you
might be able to avoid them.
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