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Carnivores Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Type "debugon" while playing to enable debug mode. In this mode
dinosaurs will ignore your presence untill you shoot. Also you 
have unlimited ammo in debug mode and lava does not kill you. 
Code             Results
Ctrl           - makes you run REALLY fast
Shift + S      - switches on/off slow mode
Shift + N      - switches on/off long Jumps
Shift + T      - switches on/off timer indicating 
                 polygons per frame and time used 
                 to render this frame (in milliseconds).
TAB            - Reveal Map
[Ctrl] + L     - Flight mode
[Shift]+A+Z+S  - Slow motion
[Ctrl]+[Space] - Super jump
[Space]        - Hold before entering water to swim

Super Jump:
After you enter the debug mode cheat, hold ctrl+jump to jump very high. 

Swim and Float: 
First you need to enter the "debugon" cheat. Then go to a water filled
place. Before you enter the water hold the space key and you will be 
able to float or swim.

Press [Walk] + [Jump] while in deep water to swim.

Recommended weapons:
Velociraptor       : Usually Shotgun, sometimes X-bow
Allosaurus         : Usually X-bow, sometimes Shotgun
Triceratops        : Usually X-bow, sometimes Sniper
Stegasaurus        : Either X-bow or Shotgun
Pachycepholasaurus : X-bow or Sniper
Parasouralaphus    : Any weapon
Gallimimus         : X-bow
Dimorphidon        : X-bow, or Sniper if skilled
Maschops           : Any
Tyrannosaurus Rex  : In most cases, the Sniper. However the X-bow can be used 
                     to kill one right on the edge of the viewing area. 
Brachiosaurus      : X-bow only. It repels anything else. Target the rear. 
Seismosaurus       : X-bow only. It repels anything else. Target the eye, it 
                     is is about 1/7th the size of the T-Rex's. After releasing
                     it, run quickly to the nearest anti-Carnivore mountain.

Easy Tyrannosaurus Rex kills:
Start with any weapon desired. The shotgun is recommended, but if you are 
looking for multiple kills on a single map you may want to choose the X-bow.
Put on cover scent and camouflage (optional). It is easier to sneak up on 
Tyrannosaurus Rex with it on. Choose a small map with high concentration and
visibility (accessed via "Options" at the main menu). There should only be 
three Rexes on a map. Using radar will let you know where the nearest one is
located. Walk around until you see him. Do not use the call. You want to find
him, and not the other way around. Once you have found him, the key will be 
knowing when to move in and when to back off. Rex has poor eyesight, but can
smell you if you get too close. Tail the Rex until he stops and sniffs the 
air. If he brings his head back down and keeps walking, you are in the clear.
If you get too close, he will bring his head down, immediately look in your 
direction, and begin sniffing the air again. After the second sniff, he will
let out a big roar and try to eat you. The second sniff is what you need to 
take advantage of. When Rex starts sniffing, walk up beside him and wait for
his head to come back down. When he goes to roar, point your gun at his eye
and shoot. When you are that close to the Rex, aiming can be difficult. 
With the X-bow, put the Rex's eye on the very "tip of the arrow". With the
shotgun, put it at the bottom of the circle. Some practice may be needed to
learn what distance is too close. If he turns and looks at you, get in there
fast. If there is another Rex nearby, avoid shooting. He will rush you and 
you will lose any kills you have gotten.
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