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Captive Cheats


submitted by: rickHH

- Collect all gold dropped by dead aliens.
- Open every cupboard, it was put there for a reason. Empty ones may
  contain a secret switch.
- If the password is not accepted by the computer, look for another.
- Doors do not function after the generators are blown, so keep them
  open or you may be trapped.
- Powerpoints run dry when generators are blown, so get power first.
- Make sure you are well armed, fixed and fully powered before you
  leave the base, since you may not find a shop for some time.
- Use powerpoints as a weapon, by sticking your hand in it.
- Players with higher dexterity hit harder and better.
- Players with higher vitality dodge hits better.
- Players with higher wisdom gain more experience.
- Map well.
- Initiate all droid chips.
- Never leave a base without a planetprobe to enable you to find the
- Remember to go up skills, this is very important in the early levels
  because skills are gained fast.
- Save your game often, making sure to nunber each saved game diffe-
  rently. You may do something silly like lock yourself in.
- The green air-lock doesnīt let you out until the generators have
  been destroyed.
- Avoid using tindron heads on droids, their eyesight is poor.
- Donīt just stand there in a battle, keep on the move. Try using the
  keypad for faster movement, and circle around your ennemy.
- A left side attack only attacks aliens on the left, whereas the back
  party attacks down the middle, the left and the right.
- Put your leader at the back. This means there is less chance of his
  head being knocked off (no vision on screen).
- Use doors to squash aliens.
- Donīt ever get caught under a raiser wall. Youīve been warned.
- Droid chips can be swapped around.
- 95% of devices are useful, so buy one whenever you have the cash.
- To plant mines and cameras, drop them one square in front of you.
- Balls are re-loaded into your hand when used, if there are any in
  your backpack.
- It can be cheaper to fix an item before selling it.
- Devices can be used in multiples, so you can use four of the same
  device at a time.
- Buy "optic-2" routefinder to find your way back to the exit after
  destroying the generator. Also to find your lander after leaving
  the base.
- You can usually guess how to work three-way switches.
- Eight-way switchen can be found, but its easier with the clue.
- 16-way switches really need a clue.
- Be carrefull when you push doors, look behind to see that you donīt
  block anything if you push more than ones.
- Cameras can be detonated as long as the leader has a dexterity of
  over 15.
- Save all clipboards, they can be sold to the shopkeeper.
- The fixer device only repairs up to 10%, enough to bring a limb back
  to life. he can not fix a droids chest.
- Zlot weapons temporally add 30 to your dexterity for use with the
- Donīt use armour if you donīt have the skill, or it gets damaged
  very quickly.
- The visor send out a signal which cannot be blocked, so you can see
  throu walls.
- When the shields run out, the devices blow up. However at 1% they
  can still be sold, so donīt use them to dead.
- Even if a shop doesnīt sell shields, itīs still able to fix them.
- If your bullets travel under an alien, use the anti-grav device.
- Kill aliens over fire; it protects you from most of their shots.
- Water turns lights back on in dark areas.
- Water freezes all mechanical droids.
- Do not back away from fireballs, run into them or dodge them.
- Use aliens to kill aliens by waiting behind a door or wall and
  using the visor to locate them.
- If you kill an alien with the raiser-wall, the gold will also
  squashes the gold, or you must be quick, verry quick.
- Use ladders as a defence. When you go up or down a ladder just when
  an alien occupies the ladder, he will be killed.
- Mines donīt work against floating aliens.
- Drop a flambos gas canistor into fire and you get more shots from it.
- Use the mapper device to mark important places.
- You can use the camera to explore a level up or down from you, be
  going up or down the ladder, install the camera and returning to the
  previous level. This strategy is usefull to attack an alien at the
  moment when it go away from the ladder on the other level.
- You can pass a mine by throwing an object at it(balls), by fire of
  an electrical power from a socket over it, by using the anti-grav
  device, let walk an alien over it or using the deflector device and
  walk over.
- Zlot weapons explode when they jam.
- Batteries can be partially recharged with fire.
- There are may dice around , but you need only one. Place it in your
  hand, stand before an internal door with four corner buttons and
  action your hand, it will give you the combination.
- Some door may be opened by give it a thump or shoot on it.
- Holes in the ceiling can be climbed with the anti-grav.
- Grates can mean a trap. Stand on it and a door close behind you.
- Mines increase in power as you go through each base.
- Never destroy the generators on the SPACE STATION!
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