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Call of Duty: WWII Cheats

Call of Duty: WWII

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Getting Tesla Gun in The Final Reich:
After unlocking the Bunker and Salt Mine, go inside the Command Room and interact 
with the crank until it stops. Then, go inside the Emperor Room and interact with 
the machine in front of Barbarossa's statue. Next, continue killing zombies near 
the machine to charge it up. Keep killing zombies in the nearby area until the 
Mind Power Machine floats into a hole in the ceiling. After charging the Mind 
Power Device, go to the Command Room and interact with the button on the upper 
section of the room to cause the Mind Power Device to start moving; the machine 
will come to a stop at certain locations. You must keep the Mind Power Device 
moving. To do this, stay inside the red circle on the ground and continue killing 
nearby zombies to charge the MPD again. Eventually, the MPD will move near an 
Electrical Generator, right next to the Schnellblitz Machine. 

After a short while, the MPD will infuse with the Electrical Generator and shoot 
out a piece of the weapon. After obtaining the gun's part, the Mind Power Device 
will start moving again. While following it, kill zombies inside the red circle 
on the ground until the MPD reaches the Mortuary Generator. You then need to wait 
for a while to acquire the Tesla Canister from the inside of the generator. 

After that, go back to the Command Room to find a special zombie on the upper 
section of the room. Kill this special zombie and grab its head. Once you have 
both parts, go to the machine in the middle and place them to get the Tesla Gun.

How to Play Multiplayer Better than Before:
Written by Zed

This simple guide will help you increase your skill in multiplayer, without any 
drop of sweat.

-=First Steps=-
Firstly calm down, no one start play like a top player from birth.

Dont worry about overall K/D, the game is not about it.

* Watch KillCam videos every time, it will help you understand game mechanics.
* Choose your most favourite starting weapon, I recommend STG44/M1 Grand/ Mountain 
  class/ PPSh/ Waffe.
* Dont worry about damage, dont run from it, start gunfight, even in darkest sky 
  there is a ray of light.
* Forget about toxic people, they dont play better than you.
* Be closer to teammates.
* If you still worry about K/D play war mode, there is no stats for it.
* Play with default key bindings, that will help you, slide crouch only works 
  with defaults.
* Dont forget about trying to use enemy weapon.
* And, once again, dont concentrate too much, have fun, be enough concentrated 
  and relaxed in one time.
* If you too tired play War mode.
* Dont use hate while playing, sometime after it will eat you from inside.

-=Steps Further=-
Once you start playing better dont forget about to be more cautious. 
Even if you win most of gunfights there is still could be a bigger fish.

* Start to listen enemy steps.
* Change you mouse sensetivity for your need.
* Dont forget about relaxing some time.
* Play in private session with players from community.
* Some times after you will became one of the most top players.

Unlocking Pack-A-Punch in The Final Reich (Zombies):
Successfully complete the following steps to unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine in 
The Final Reich (Zombies):

1.Turn on the Power: Turn the three valves in the starting area. You can then 
press a button in the middle area. Large flames will come through the floor 
and a few fire zombies will attack. Kill the fire zombies, drop down the hole
that was blown open by the flames, and press the generator button to turn on 
the power.

2.Activate Power Switches in Bunker: Open the Bunker door for 1,250 points. Open
the next two doors inside the bunker for 1,500 points each. There are only two 
doors you can open inside; the third door says it does not have sufficient power.
Use the crank in the laboratory room of the bunker. In the areas through each of 
the doors is a power switch. Activate one power switch, then quickly run to the 
other power switch and activate it. If done correctly, you will have fully 
activated the power on all of the map.

3.Hit the Button Near the Pack-A-Punch Cage: From the bunker, go to the basement.
It is flooded with blood and there is a cage in the middle, where you can press 
a button that will lift the cage a little. Pressing this button opens up three 
disposal tubes around the map.

4.Jump Through all Three Disposal Tubes: They cost 250 each and are small tubes 
on the walls you can interact with. One is in the bunker, laboratory area where 
you use the crank. The second is also inside the bunker, in front of the 
Schildblitz perk. The third is at the tower where you have to defend the lightning
rod for the Easter Egg. Each tube brings you back to the Pack-A-Punch room. After 
exiting each tube, you will be standing in front a button. Press those buttons 
(they are all in the Pack-A-Punch room, but only accessible after using each 
tube) to unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine.

It costs 5,000 points to Pack-A-Punch your weapon. 
You can also buy ammo for 4,000 points at the Pack-A-Punch machine at any time.

How to Make Your FOV Choice Permanent:
Written by Prime

Every time you quit Call of Duty WWII it will reset your Field of View option. 
This guide will fix this until the developers finally fix it correctly.

1.Go to where you've installed Call of Duty WWII. 
  By default it's C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty WWII.
2.Open the players2 folder and open the file "user_config_mp" in a text editor 
  like Notepad.
3.Find the line seta cg_fov_override and change -1 to the number beside cg_fov. 
4.Be sure to save the file.

Do note if you go to the field of view option in the settings it will say 65 
but it's not 65. Ignore what it says.

How to Type in Colour:
Typing in Colour:

Simply type ^ (Shift + 6) followed by a number!

^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Cyan / Light blue
^6 = Pink
^7 = White (So you can change back to normal colour when typing)
^8 = Turquoise green 
^9 = Orange

Lamps Locations to Get the Mystery Box:
Written by SkyDreamer

*1st location is near the stairs where you start.
*2nd location is outside the window near the stairs 
 (you might want higher your brightness for this one).
*3rd location is above the stairs near spawn.
*4th location is near the armor and it's sitting on a chair.
*5th location is near the armor on the table.
*6th location is location in the small room after you go down the stairs.
*7th location is exactly on your right when you go down the stairs.
*8th location is hanging on the stick near the main stairs.
*9th location is outside the window near the second stairs 
 (you might want to higher your brightness for this one too).
*10th location is on the top floor near quick revive.

How to Get Free Gold Camo for P08 Luger Pistol:
Written by PyroPan

This is how you can get free gold camo on the P08 using a minor glitch in the game.

-=What You Will Need
The P08 Pistol, it's unlocked from the start so you will have it
The Rifleman Basic Training Perk, it allows to take another primary weapon as a 
secondary. A gun with gold camo that's not a pistol or the shovel, this is why you 
need the Rifleman perk.

-=How to Do It
First equip the Rifleman perk and equip your gun that has gold camo, then go to 
the gun customization screen and equip the gold camo. After that, change out the 
Rifleman perk for any other perk that doesn't replace your secondary weapon.
The game will default your secondary to the P08, check the customization screen, 
and the P08 will have gold camo. This does not work for the shovel, 1911, or 
Machine Pistol, if you try to switch to the other pistols, they will be default 
and have no camo. This can be used to have any camo you want on the P08, Copper,
Bronze, Diamond, etc. And the camo will show up in game, I've tested it several 
times myself.

So in the end, your P08 should be like this (minus the Husky pistol grip):

This also works with the Serrated Perk, so you can get Gold on the shovel in a 
similar fasion in performing this glitch with the P08. You can also change 
varients and it will still keep the Gold camo.

How to Boot Directly Into Zombies:
Written by LV9999 VIVI

I show how to boot directly into zombies using a steam shortcut even skipping the nagging parameter thing.


* Go to 'Add a Non-steam game'.
* Browse.
* Find 'steam.exe' (usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe").
* Make sure its checkmarked then click 'Add selected programs'.
* Go to your Library tab in Steam.
* Find the new 'non-steam' game called 'Steam'.
* Right click it and then left click 'properties'.
* Change name to COD WW2 ZOMBIES for example.
* Change icon to whatever you want.
* Paste the following into "set launch options".
  -applaunch 476620 +zombiesmode 1
* Profit!
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