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Bunch Of Heroes Cheats

Bunch Of Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement         Description
Antidopping       - Kill 200 strong martian.
Astronaut         - Complete the Mars missions.
Bff               - Complete a multiplayer mission without damaging 
                    any allies.
Cat Reflexes      - Eliminate 1,000 zombie evaders.
Chaser            - Eliminate 100 martian teleporters.
Clay Shooter      - Eliminate 100 Flying-Saucers.
Closed Casket     - Eliminate 1,000 walking coffins.
Combo Enthusiast  - Reach a 20 combo.
Combo Expert      - Perform a 40-kills combo.
Combo Master      - Perform a 60-kills combo.
Daredevil         - Kill 1000 Generals.
Duster Maker      - Kill 1000 zombie chickens.
Earth's Hero      - Complete all the missions.
Flawless Victory  - Complete 1 mission with full health.
Girls Hero        - Safe keep 50 cheerleaders.
Gravedigger       - Complete the Cemetery missions.
Happy Halloween   - Kill jazzy 1 time.
Harvester         - Complete the Farm missions.
High Score Master - Get 10.000.000 points.
Immortal          - Complete 1 mission without dying.
Intimate          - Eliminate 200 zombies with melee attacks.
Mars Invader      - Kill 50.000 Martians.
My Back Hurts     - Complete 1 mission without picking up weapons.
Nightmare         - Kill fred 1 time.
Nurse             - Heal 10.000 health points.
Photofobia        - Complete 1 mission without picking up weapons.
Pork Pie          - Eliminate fatzi 1 time.
Pumpkin Pie       - Kill pumpking 1 time.
Raccoon City Cop  - Kill 1000 basic zombies.
Recruiter         - View the Credits.
Royal Flush       - Complete 1 mission with each of the characters.
Shield Breaker    - Kill 200 martian shielders.
Space Harrier     - Kill 500 zombie astronauts.
Stuntman          - Roll 20 times while on fire.
Ultra Master      - Perform 100 ultra attacks.
Waste of Ammo     - Reload your extra weapon 1,000 times.
Weapon Collector  - Pickup 1000 weapons.
Weapon Tester     - Pickup all weapon types.
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