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Bumper Karts Cheats

Bumper Karts

Submitted by: David K.

* Avoid the walls at all costs!
* Turning nose to midway on the one you are passing, and scraping them into the wall 
  is a good tactic.
* Begin your turn a car length from the corner, on zigzag turns, make the opposite 
  turn before you expect to, and release it before you expect to.
* Try to make the apex of turns, without hitting them - trackside contact really 
  costs you speed.
* A sneaky way to boost points, is to wait - the time counts, and you don't gain by 
  winning by a mile, just don't make your move too late. A riskier version of this is
  to hold back, and obstruct or wall-ram the computer cars as much as possible.
* When you're going round a corner, if you let go of the left/right key when you're 
  half-way round, you will come out of the corner much better. You may have to press
  the key again if you let go too early but when you master the skill, it's good and
  you will win.
* Try to stay on course. If you go off course, the game doesn't count your lap.
* When you are making turns, you can use your opponents to your advantage if they are 
  close by. When making a turn, you can run your opponent into the curve and use it 
  as a pivot point, making a quicker turn.
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