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BulletRage Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Chickens:
A guide for finding all eight chicken secrets in the demo for Bulletrage.

-=Chicken #1=-
By the first checkpoint, hug the east fence until you round a corner before 
you pass through the arches. 

-=Chickens #2-3
As you continue down the path, after you pass under the two arches of lights 
into an open area with a turret and powerup pad to the west, check by the pad 
behind some machinery. In that same area, hug the small fence to the east, 
behind a bunch of pallets.

-=Chicken #4
In the big room with the double arches where you first meet the big four-
legged walkers, check to the far east. Past the furnace is a row of pallets 
to walk around to get to the next chicken.

-=Chicken #5
At the end of the first flame section of the level, just before you pass 
through the arrow gates, look west behind a little alcove. You can see it 
coming up from the checkpoint before it.

-=Chicken #6
At the end of the second flame section of the level, before you pass through 
the big portal gate, check the easternmost wall. Itíll be in a corner to the 

-=Chicken #7
Immediately after passing through that gate, look behind the pile of trash 
to your left.

-=Chicken #8
Just before the arrow pads that take you to the final boss, go to the west 
at the fork. On the north side of a shipping container is the final chicken.
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