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Bud Redhead - The Time Chase Cheats

Bud Redhead - The Time Chase

Cheat Codes Version 1.3:
Submitted by: Mustak Nazir Patel
E-mail :

Type these cheats while you are playing the game.
[these cheats are NOT case sensitive]
Code            Result
LIFEPLEASE    - gives one extra life.
FULLENERGY    - gives full energy.
LETMEOUT      - opens the exit gate regardless of number of coins you
LIVEFOREVER   - gives unlimited lives.
MORTALAGAIN   - deactivates unlimited lives (cancels "liveforever" cheat).
OPENSESAME    - instantly pulls all the levers.
SPIKEDSHOES   - deactivates slippery surfaces.
ORDINARYSHOES - activates slippery surfaces (cancels "spikedshoes" cheat).
SHOWMEALL     - shows hidden coins and stuff so indirectly it shows entrances
                to almost all secret areas.
HIDESECRETS   - hides coins and stuff (cancels "showmeall" cheat).

Level passwords
Update by: nelly

Level          Password 
Forest 1-2     Light Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Green
Forest 1-3 	   Dark Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Forest 1-4     Green, Red, Red, Brown, Dark Blue 
Forest 1-5     Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Light Blue 
Egypt 2-1      Red, Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-2      Brown, Light Blue, Red, Green, Brown
Egypt 2-3      Green, Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-4      Green, Light Blue, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue
Egypt 2-5      Dark Blue, Brown, Brown, Red, Green
Castle 3-1     Red, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Castle 3-2     Green, Green, Brown, Light Blue, Brown
Castle 3-3     Light Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown
Castle 3-4     Brown, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Blue, Green
Castle 3-5     Green, Red, Red, Light Blue, Red
Spaceship 4-1  Dark Blue, Red, Green, Green, Red
Spaceship 4-2  Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-3  Brown, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green
Spaceship 4-4  Red, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-5  Brown, Light Blue, Brown, Green, Light Blue
Boss           Light Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Red
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