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Browning African Safari Deluxe Cheats

Browning African Safari Deluxe

Submitted by: RM

Animal locator:
Press the first letter of an animal's name at the map screen 
to view its position: R to find rhino, B for buffalo, C for 
crocodile, I for impala, L for lion, W for wildebeest, and Z 
for zebra. 

Free browning bucks:
Move the pointer to the top left corner of the 
equipment hut, then press [Ctrl] + [Keypad 4]. 

No trophy fees and permit penalties:
Shoot an animal, then return to the village and sleep 
until you are sent back home.

Reappearing art:
If you have an extra $5000.00, save your game when you are at 
the museum. Then, click "Load Game" and load that game again. 
When you go to Africa again, go to the shop and all of the 
African art will be there to buy (even if it was bought the 
last time the shop was visited).
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