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Bricks of Atlantis Cheats

Bricks of Atlantis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the cheat function. 

Result                     Code 	
Fishes turn to food      - fishsticks
Nine lives               - gimmebats
Equip bat with cannons   - guns 	
Level skip               - next
Reset game progress      - reset
All level packs unlocked - sesame

Goal of Every Level:
Smash all of the blocks while keeping the ball in play. Depending on which part of 
the bat you hit, the ball gets a certain angle. Mastering this technique will take 
some time, but once you're in full control be prepared for even more fun.

The Level Pack Screen:
On the main menu, click on "Start" to enter the Level Pack screen. You can initially 
choose between the 5 packs on the left: Temple of Atlantis, The Coral Caves, Dark Waters,
Mermaid Madness, and Forgotten Reef. Each level pack contains 8 levels.

After finishing a level pack in the left column, you will unlock the one in the right 
column. The right-side packs contain 16 levels each. Complete all of the level packs to
open up the secret Bonus Pack containing ?? levels!

Each level pack and difficulty setting has its own high score table, so that the whole 
family can enjoy the game at their own difficulty level and try to beat their old scores. 

Hit a block with large bat           - 10 points
Hit a block with medium bat          - 20 points
Hit a block with small bat           - 30 points
Hit a plant                          - 1 point
Hit a reef block                     - 1 point
Hit a moss block                     - 10 points
Hit a jellyfish                      - 25 points
Pick up a coin                       - 50 points
Bounce a tornado on the bat          - 100 points
Take out a jellyfish                 - 150 points
Open a clam and receive a pink pearl - 250 points
Collect a Bonus Star                 - 100, 200, 300 or 400 points depending on the combo
Pick up golden bonus item            - 1000 points

Difficulty Settings:
Every level pack can be played at Easy, Medium or Hard.

Easy   - 7 bats. Poison item rarely appears. Low ball speed.
Medium - 4 bats. Normal ball speed.
Hard   - 3 bats. Fast ball speed.
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