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Boxhead - 2Play Cheats

Boxhead - 2Play

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: scouse

Enter "raggal" as ur high score.

Submitted by. David K.

* Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! The weapons get better and better as you earn more, so
  be sure and keep that multiplier up. 

* Be sure and take care of the Box Devils as soon as possible. They can only shoot
  energy balls at you while you're not shoothing them.

* Play on Cooperative Mode. Twice the firepower!

* Explosives can be your greatest friend as well as your worst enemy. Don't get too
  giddy with that Rocket Launcher, the splash damage can seriously put a kink in
  your zombie killing plans.

Submitted by: dylan T

Use nightmare mode instead of beginner, intermediate, or expert. You start with a 
ton of weapons.

Submitted by: Alex

1.Block off the entrances with barrels and fake walls the demons will blow up the 
  barrels but it will still affect the zombies.

2.Use your Uzi a lot! it helps with demons and big crowds of zombies same with 

3.Fake walls are only in certain versions of box head but if you are playing 2 
  player and the person you are playing with is a noob use fake walls to protect

4.Get boxes of ammo even when the gun you are using is full but some of your other
  guns might be empty or low on ammo.

5.Always pick boxy rooms or very small rooms becuase the zombies wil travel a lot
  slower becuase it is very hard to get threw for them.

Submitted by: Fred

Whenever you get a highscore of 100,000,000 or more type in exactly this "Lobbsters"
and your score will double from your previous score. Enjoy!

Submitted by: Golden Gamer

On level massive there are Fake walls on every side not encluding the strating point
where the zombies come from for more zomies before you start the game go to options 
click nightmare you can take off devils to and take obstical collistion off then put
the game speed on high then start the game and blow up all of the fake walls and 
more zombies will come out but if you dont there will be fewer zombies.
Good luck!

Huge multiplier(x999):
Submitted by: the joker

Go to "options", choose nightmare mode and no devils. Use the boxy level, block 1 
entrance with fake walls, and the other withbarrels, (after u get these weapons), 
then choose rocket launcher and blow up the barrels, then keep shooting at zombies
whenever they are *created* at the entrance, keep repeating this routine until u 
get x999 multiplier!

Submitted by: anthony bruno

Block all entrances with either barrels or fake walls and after a while blow them 
up and rack up alot of points.

The best hint:
Submitted by: ethan

When u get rocket launcher or railgun (rapid fire and long shot rail gun) u hav to
have 2 ppl for this. Turn off the devils and put object collision off and put it 
on expert. Its real easy all u do is both of you's hav to stand next to the doors
they come out of in boxy and u just keep on shooting at the doors when they come 
thru its a real help. enjoy.

Shot Gun and UZI:
Submitted by: lord poopy face 

Until you unlock something like a rocket launcher. Always make sure you have enough
ammo for the shot gun and Uzi. The shotgun is good against zombies and the Uzi is 
perfect against devils.

Devil boxes!:
Submitted by: Liam Alman

Once you kill a devil you will get a box with it and if you pick it u with a rocket 
lancher you mite get ammo for the shot gun ,the uiz and the rail gun if you unlocked 
them. Good luck.

Black Floor Down:
Submitted by: spongebob

Want to have fun by turning the entire floor black? First, play co-op, 'cause it's much 
easier in this mode. Second, off object collision & devils and play in nightmare for lots 
of boxes. Third, after killing lotsa zombies, leave at least one for the level. Trap the 
zombie with barrels (or fake walls, if you wanna be safe). After that, surround the zombie 
with barrels! Don't stop until the entire room is filled with barrels (note: carefully 
place the last barrel if you run out to avoid triggering the barrels with a pistol). 
If the entire place is filled with barrels (including the entrances of the zombies), blow 
the place up with a pistol or any other gun! After the explosion, the entire place will be 
black except for the blood of the last zombie. For you to mess it all up again by killing 
mo' zombies. A great way to clean up the bloodied floor.
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