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Bowja Ninja Cheats

Bowja Ninja

This game is titled also "Bowja the Ninja"

Submitted by: RM

Level 1:
- Shot the wire connected to the "antenna" on the roof of the house.
  The 1st guard will go in the house;
- Click the ninja and row to shore;
- Click the crate next to the house. The ninja will push it and then 
  click the roof of the house;
- Shot the beehive over the head of the 2nd guard. The guard will be 
  attacked by the bees and run inside the house;
- Click the chest and get the climbing hook thingy;
- Click the first tree branch over the ninja head. He'll climb to that 
  and then click the second branch.

Level 2:
- Shoot the lantern down;
- Shoot the guard;
- Click the wheel next to the ninja;
- Shoot 3 arrows to the machine with the colored gauge;
- Click the lever next to the ninja;
- When on the elevator click the object next to the ninja;

Level 3:
- Shoot the black triangle next to the big wheel;
- Shoot the wheel;
- Click the control panel near the cliff and click the lever 14 times until 
  you light up R-5 (the code is on the top of the tower);
- Click the lever and the click the aerial tramway;

Level 4:
- After the helicopter stops shooting shoot the back propeller and it will 

Level 5:
- Click the propeller that broke off and it's on the upper right corner;
- Click the back of the helicopter to access the cave;

Level 6:
- On the wall behind ninja you can see some numbers written on the wall
III - I - IV - IX - VII - V (roman numbers) -> 3 - 1 - 4 - 9 - 7 - 5
Enter the doors with these numbers and you will reach the Final Level

Level 7 (The Robot):
- Shoot the black square over the ninjas head. This will electrocute the robot;
- Click the lever on the top platform to open the roof;
- Click the helicopter and off you go.

Submitted by: cheekychumps

1st thingy: shoot light, row boat, push box, click bee hive, click chest, use on tree 
branch, use again. 2nd Thingy: shoot light, shoot guy, click elevator, shoot box till 
yellow, click lever next 2 cliff, go 2 elevator. 3rd thingy: click black thing next 2 
wheel, shoot wheel, go to control panel, click lever till R5. click lever on top. go 
into elevator. 4th thingy: wait till helicopter stops shooting, click on tail of copter. 
5th thingy: click on wavy object (not on copter) click copter. 6th thingy: remember the 
roman numerals. 3, 1, 4, 9, 7, 5 go 2 door 3, then 1, then 4, then 9, then 7, then 5. 
7th thingy: once bot stops shooting, click box on top.(black, next 2 lever) bot will 
fall, click lever next 2 box u just shot, click copter. that's all!

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