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Bots Cheats


See virusses life:
Submitted by: RM

Type in a game (not in the lobby or a room) /monsterinfo the virusses
life should now appear in the right side of the screen.

First go to training camp, kill all monsters EXCEPT the bubbleboy. Then
go to the start of the level until you hit a wall, you will go through 
that wall into a world of darkness. to fight (A)A level 50 bubbleboy or
(B) an icekong you must go right and up and kill the bubbleboy, go even
further to fight the ice kong, your reward is an ice kong trans (1 month).

Easy money:
1-Find a high-lvl room that doesnt have a password or that u noe the 
  password 2.
2-Dont TRY 2 die, fight as well as u can and u will get a lot of money.
3-Make sure ur teammates dont die or u wont get ur money!
4-Go buy stuff!
5-Rrepeat steps 1-5.

Submitted by: Amidal

Most boss have a way to be kill ivun from low lv bots. Such as:
Boss on lvl60- get on a samler up(no too much up), an hit him.Havto block only the 
macheenguns (can be uset for the rest of the bad bots).
Boss on lvl 40 and 48- just bay conter and put it on. On boss just ceep block until 
he die(if you are too low lvl he steel can breyck your block, and if you start atacking 
he can kill you weet on hit).
Boss lvl 60 and 68- just kill all bots araund the boss. Get him back and go pass him. 
Go IN the door and hit as hell.Ader trick for this lvl is to breyck the doors faster. 
Use rush on centyr of the door. You get stuck. Use eahy of the direcktion+hit. 
You'r bot hit the door much faster. 
Boss lvl 30 and 38- the same trick as on lvl 60.

Good to know- not oleys you have to kill all bots, sam temi's you just have to kill same 
smoll bot from the back of the strong and they all die.

It is good to have a Hp pack(bay it from shop and pleys it on bot). Wen your bot fall dead 
pres "G" imidiatli(if you are too slow the bot die and you lose on Hp pack). Your bot jump 
back on feet( for the rest of the players your bot don't have Hp and finck you are a hack).

It is not bad to have a special transformation, energi fild for good luck and wings. 
They cost real mony, but are good to have.

Lucky trick- Bay lucky EF. Join room weet on more lucky (if they are more then on it is 
ivun beter). If in the room are only lucky in the game almost any barel have a box. 
Just ceep in mayn u have only 10 slots in u'r stash.

On uper lvl is best to leev Rb and Hp for time u need them.

Ceep in mayn- drop part don't overcam the shop parts, but have special efeckts leech shop 
parts dont. 

Last advais- if u are an nwe in the game dont bay cons items. Furst study the game, and 
find wot u'r bot need.
P.P. Sory if my inglish is not clear inaf for undurstending.

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