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Boneworks Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Find the Key in Botanics Lab:
This guide is about on how to find the first key in Boneworks.

The first key (blue) in the order of keys you are looking for in the labs 
area is on top of the fountain in the lobby. Took me one hour to find it.

How to Unlock Sandbox:
Written by liljedi11

This guide shows you how to unlock sandbox in Boneworks.

-=Sandbox Unlock Guide (Step by Step)=-
* Start the Breakroom scene (very beginning of the game).
* During the force grab tutorial, throw all items into the left side Archive 
* Continue through the rest of the level and continue through the next museum 
  level until you are about to enter the physics playground that requires jumping.
* There is a secret archive door in the corridor leading to the playground.
* Inside is a Boneworks box. Break it open and take the module inside.
* Take the module with you to the area with vending machine. To the right of 
  the vending machine is a receptacle meant for guns and items. Throw the 
  module into it and finish the level.
* Module is now available in main menu and all you have to do is plug it in.

How to Murder an Omniprojector without Weapons:
Written by ScorpionTailZ

In this guide, I will teach you how to absolutely destroy an omniprojector 
without the use of weapons.

-=Before You Begin=-
This method is not recommended if there are multiple omniprojectors around 
you. Even if there is only one omniprojector, this could still be hard to do. 
Excercise caution when using this method.

-=Step 1=-
Get close to the omniprojector. This may be hard to do, but it is the only 
way this method will work. I'd recommend finding an object that you can carry 
to shield you while you approach the omniprojector.

-=Step 2=-
Grab the omniprojector's gun (Pictured in thumbnail) and aim it at the 
omniprojector. Remember to aim the gun at the floating pieces of the 
omniprojector or the ball the omniprojector rolls around on, because hitting 
the orange hologram won't do anything. The omniprojector will try to shoot you, 
but it will end up shooting itself instead.

-=Step 3=-
Keep the gun in position until the omniprojector is dead. Sadly, you cannot 
use the gun once the omniprojector is dead.

-=End of guide=-
If all goes as planned, you should have one less omniprojector to worry about.

How to Get Hover Junkers (Sandbox):
Written by united4fun

For those who are confused on where to unlock the Hover Junker Sandbox, 
read this guide and I'll show you the ways of being a True Junky Pilot.

I don't really have that much pictures to show but the branding image 
is the only one I've got

Step 1 - Go to the Level "Tower".
Step 2 - Go to the 3rd Level of the building that has the Hover Junker.
Step 3 - Get the Hover Junker unlockable near the battery.
Step 4 - Throw it into the Reclamation Bin.
Step 5 - Complete the Level.
Step 6 - Profit!

Hopefully that was enough to help you guys find the unlockable. 
For now, enjoy the Sandbox! 
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