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BattleTech (2018) Cheats

BattleTech (2018)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Editing lots of things:
Well, this is not a cheat proper but it helps. Thing is you can edit some of 
the stats in game easily enough. You have to go to your installed game and 
enter in BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\ (in my case the complete path 
is C:\GOG Games\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\pilot but 
dunno if this can be different in some cases). 

Inside that last data directory you can see a lot of archives named .json. 
Well, you can open any of them just using texteditor (notepad works) and 
modify anything there. 

For example, if you open "pilots.json" you can change the initial xp of your 
first pilots (Glitch,Medusa,Dekker and Behemoth), or even Kamea (although I 
donīt recommend mess with Kamea, or npcs or generic).

In the same line you can get a ton of money. 

Just, in game, buy as much smalllasers as you can, save, exit game, come to
C:\GOG Games\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\ 
and now in 
\weapons you may change the smalllaser value for 1000000cb and once you go 
back to game you can sell them for about 1000000 each.

You can mess with other things in this data directory. 

I for example changed armour values for vehicles, lowering them so you can 
oneshot them no matter the heavy they are. Same for turrets. You can change 
the Mech stats too but remember, any change you do to one type of Mech, your 
enemies will have them too. For example if you change Medium lasers in one 
for +++ versions in a Spider, every Spider you face will have those lasers, 
so be careful.

As I said, feel free to make experiments. 
And of course and very important, save copies of any .json archive before 
changing it.
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