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Battlefield 4 Cheats

Battlefield 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hidden Conversation:
Irish and Pac have a random conversation about fortune cookies and other explicit activities
if you don't call the elevator in the Shanghai mission.

Easter Egg Basket:
In the Flood Zone map during multiplayer, you'll find some Easter eggs and baskets on the roof 
and in the sheds, near the middle of the map.

A Dinosaur:
In the Battlefield series, a running cameo is the appearance of dinosaurs. Battlefield 4 keeps
that theme going. In the Shanghai campaign mission, a dinosaur decoration can been seen hanging
from the rear view mirror of the car, in the first cutscene. 

Unlockable Weapons:

Unlockable    How to unlock
Machete     - Complete single-player campaign.
M249        - Complete single-player campaign.
M412 REX    - Complete single-player campaign.
P90         - Complete single-player campaign.
QBZ-95-1    - Complete single-player campaign.
Shank       - Complete single-player campaign.

Base Map Levolutions:
Achieve the objectives outlined below to alter maps in various and often impressive ways! 

Map              Event	
Dawnbreaker    - Locate two valves beneath the central avenue of the map, then interact with them to
                 maximize the pressure in the pipelines that run along the street. This causes the 
                 pipelines to explode, which will destroy the bridge.
Flood Zone     - The large leve can be destroyed by using explosive weapons or rockets on the large
                 crack, flooding the streets. This renders a battle pickup and certain routes 
                 inaccessible, but also opens up others as well as allowing for the use of amphibious
Golmud Railway - The IED's located throughout the map can be detonated by locating and using control
                 consoles, or simply using explosive weapons. When they explode, the IED's will leave
                 large craters which alter the landscape.
Hainan Resort  - The oil spills can be set ablaze using explosives and flammables in order to burn 
                 down both wings of the central hotel. In addition to rendering those portions of the
                 hotel inaccessible, the thick smoke will also serve to reduce visibility which can 
                 be handy.
Lancang Dam    - The dam itself can be broken by using rockets and explosves on the large crack, 
                 forcing large debris to fall to the ground and naturally altering the landscape 
                 around it. The resulting damage will disable the electricity in the area as well as
                 reduce visibility. Note however that this will also disable a battle pickup.
Paracel Storm  - The intensifying storm that lasts throughout the match will ocassionally cause a 
                 wind turbine to be struck by lighting, destroying it. This in turn forces the large
                 US destroyer ship crashing ashore, altering the landscape around the crash site. 
                 However this opens access to the ship's AA weapons as well as a new battle pickup,
                 but keep in mind that the storm will continue to reduce visibility as well as make
                 the waves more treacherous to navigate for players who take to the seas.
Zavod 311      - Trigger the timer within the central building to set off a large warhead that 
                 takes the smokestack with it when it explodes. This contaminates the area where 
                 the explosion takes place with harmful radiation, not to mention making it 
                 inaccessible for vehicles.

Battlefield Friends:
Battlefield Friends is a series started by Machinima that "follows the antics of four Battlefield 
players." In the Tashgar campaign mission, you'll reach a point where friendlies let you into the 
base. Head up the alleyway to find soldier groups. If you stay near them long enough, they'll begin
to quote characters from the video series.

Dog Tag locations:
Search the following locations to find all 19 Dog Tags:

-=Baku tag=-
1.Nice Play - Just as the tutorial starts, look at the bulletin board through the first door on 
  the right to find it being held to the board with a knife.
2.One Way Trip - It is near the courtyard. Before dropping down into the room where the first 
  gadget weapon cache is located, jump over the hole in the floor to find it stuck to the shutters
  of the middle window.
3.Sergeant Dunn - After the building collapses on your squad, and you must remove Dunn's leg, 
  before getting in the car to leave the area, go to the front of the crashed helicopter to find
  it in the copilot seat.

4.One Man Riot - At the start of the mission, go right and down the alley, then go left at the 
  end to find it attached to a door with a glowing red light.
5.Going Up - When you reach the lobby of the hotel, look above the elevator to find it.
6.Business Casual - After the tank chase sequence, go to the back of the alley, and search behind
  a tree to find it on a gate at the dead end.

-=South China Sea=-
7.Carcharodon - At the start of the mission, go down the first hallway. Look for the two men near
  the glowing red light at the end. Just before reaching them, there is a barracks room on the right.
  Enter the room to find it on the top bunk bed.
8.Lord Of The Waves - After swimming underwater to find the G-46, your squad will surface in a room.
  Search for a door with a glowing green light. It is behind the brown pillar on the left, near 
  the debris.
9.Agent Kovic - After Hannah is rescued from the infirmary, the squad will return to the upper deck.
  Go outside, turn right, and search the copilot seat of the crashed helicopter to find it.

10.Horizontal Rain - After the mission begins, look near the empty white boat on the left to find 
   it on the beach.
11.Armored Column - At the club where your squad gets into a fight, look behind the bar counter 
   with the red stools to find it.
12.The Grounded Dog - After entering the hangar with the large white and blue passenger plane, 
   climb onto the left wing using the ramp to find it pinned to the plane door.

-=Kunlun Mountains=-
13.Cage Fighter - When you meet back up with Irish after rescuing him, look for the dark holding
   cells in the next room to the right. It is inside the last cell down the hall.
14.Freedom At Any Cost - In the room where you must protect Dima while he hacks the control room,
   climb up to the catwalk, and scale the left wall to find it being held to a broken electrical 
   box with a knife.
15.Shaw-Shanked Redemption - Before going up the large ramp to take the tram down the mountain, 
   go underneath this platform, and walk to the ledge. Look down over the middle to see it sticking

16.The Destruction Enthusiast - When you reach the building in the park with the blue blankets 
   hanging above the staircase (near the bridge), look for a blue truck ahead of another building
   in the park. Destroy it, then enter through the truck to find it.
17.Upstream Swimmer - After reaching the base and defeating the enemy helicopter, climb the yellow
   ladder on the left to reach the top of the office building. Jump to the black scaffolding to find

18.The Rebel - While fighting on the flight deck, look for a white plane on the left side of the 
   deck. Climb onto the plane using the right wing, and walk towards the tail to find it stuck to
   the side with a knife.
19.Fleet Guardian - When you reach the infirmary inside the Valkyrie, look on the right side
   (behind the second set of curtains) in the medbay to find it on one of the beds.

Multi-player weapons:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon. 

Unlockable  How to unlock
M249      - Complete the "Final Duty" assignment during the final Campaign mission.
M412 REX  - Complete the "Tombstone Actual" Campaign mission.
Machete   - Complete the "A Trapped Wolf Will" Campaign mission.
P90       - Complete the "Peace Maker" assignment during the final Campaign mission.
QBZ-95-1  - Complete the "To Valhalla" assignment during the final Campaign mission. 
Shank     - Complete the "Fang Of The Underworld" Campaign mission. 
            Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE.

Walk trough BF4 Dogtag/Weapons Location:
Submitted by: Hckerx86i3

Mission 1 - Baku
Weapons Locations:
there is M39 which can be found when you drop down into the school yard and head up the broken 
balcony against the left wall.
there is MG4 too MG4 is located under one of the Concrete Pipes made just to the right of the 
construction site.
CBJ-MS is also there before abondand factory there is yellow ramps you can Find it there.

First dogtag is easy to find it is stuck on the Board of very first room. the green Board there.
The Secounf dog tag can be found in a part where you need to remove Dunn's leg. There must be a 
Crushed helicopter and it is Found there 
Third one is yet not found..

Battlefield Friends:
Battlefield Friends is a series started by Machinima that "follows the antics of four Battlefield 
players." In the Tashgar campaign mission, you'll reach a point where friendlies let you into the 
base. Head up the alleyway to find soldier groups. If you stay near them long enough, they'll begin
to quote characters from the video series.

Use XP Boosts:

Like other Battlefield games, your character levels up with experience. If you want to level up
at a faster rate, use XP Boosts. These special items are found in Battle Packs. To use an XP Boost,
you need to open up the pause menu with the Start or Options button. From here, you can activate
the boost. Boosts can give you 25% to 200% extra XP, so they are well worth it, especially in 
modes like Conquest or Rush.

Phantom Prospect assignment:
Note: You must be a Premium member. Go to the Geo Leaderboards, scroll down, and click the faded 
skull icon. Enter bumpinthenight as a password.

Megalodon Easter Egg:
A megalodon was rumored to be hidden somewhere on the multiplayer map "Paracel Storm", but players
were never able to find it. A easter egg was later added in the "Naval Strike" DLC, where players 
can summon a megalodon by gathering 10 players around a particular bouy on the "Nansha Strike" map.

Plants Vs Zombies:
Hidden beside a building near the CN spawn point on the map "Dawnbreaker" is a small statue of 
the Peashooter from the game Plants Vs Zombies.
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