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Baldur's Gate 3 Cheats

Baldur's Gate 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Solve Finish the Masterwork Weapon Quest:
Written by FlaskkYT

-=Guide to Finish the Masterwork Weapon Quest=-
Finish the Masterwork Weapon is a side quest you can pick up in the underground 
section of the map inside the blighted village.

Breaking this wall will give you access to the area the quest can be picked up in.

You could collect the large amount of weapons (note that the masterwork weapon 
will require a sythe, greatsword, or dagger so you could leave one of those there 
for later).

After picking up the quest from the chest and realizing you need susser bark, the
 bark can only be found in the underdark and is protected by several level 4 hook 
horrors which can be devestated to an unprepared team.

The hook horrors can be more easily managed by bringing them up onto this ledge 
here and after taking a swing you can push them off the ledge for some heavy fall 
damage, they will then waste their next turn getting back up onto the ledge.

Defeating them you can now loot the tree of it's bark.

Heading back to the forge and using the bark on the fire will turn the flames

Now use either a greatsword, scythe, or dagger on the forge to finish the 
masterwork weapon.

Enjoy your new Sussur weapon!

How to Obtain Sorrow Legendary Weapon:
Written by FlaskkYT    

How to obtain the legendary weapon, Sorrow. Sorrow is a unique 2-hander with a 
powerful ability.

The glaive can be obtained once you have access to the Druids’ Chambers. 
A book can be found stating that “Rath” has a mysterious rune.

You are able to obtain this rune by pickpocketing or killing him, I preferred 
to play the campaign murder free but this doesn’t mean I was against sticky 
fingers at times.

A successful pickpocket will yield the room and navigating back to the statue 
surrounded by runes and placing your own newly commandeered rune will open the 
secret passageway.

The legendary weapon is now available to be obtained and is sitting on the table.

While looting all the other goodies you will also obtain the Robe of Summer, 
granting a resistance to cold damage.

Sorrow is a rare 2 handed weapon which deals 1d10+1 slashing damage and has the 
spell, ensnaring strike which deals 1d12+3 slashing damage, and entangles your 
target. The downside to this weapon is that each successful attack the weapon 
deals 1 psychic damage to it’s wielder.

I don’t see this as a huge downside and still feel that it’s an extremely 
effective weapon that will provide an instant boost to your party.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Crunchie

Just a collection of stuff that is not immediately obvious when playing the game. 
Also some ideas for characters and stuff.

Top tip: Avoid teleporting spiders.

*Magic items are dope.

*The higher charisma your character has the better they are at bartering, so maybe 
let the warlock do it, 'ey.

*Finesse weapons allow you to add your dex to your melee attack rolls rather than 
your strength. Very important for high dex characters.

*Do not attack an entire camp of enemies when you are in the middle of their camp. 
Seriously, is not a good idea.

*You can fast travel from almost anywhere, good for escaping places you don't want 
to be in anymore.

*The purple runes on the stones are fast travel points. Keep an eye out for them.

*The pie is a lie (I like pies).

*Your companions will like or dislike your actions. Play your cards right and you 
can have some fun. Or turn down everyone like the socially awkward person you are 
and realize why you are still single IRL too.

*Friend? or Food?

*Eldritch blast is a warlock spell that uses no spell slots so you can use it + your 
hex to deal consistent ranged damage. Or you can just punch them in the face and feel 
like a badass for 0.0012 seconds before the wizard next to him turns you into crispy 

*Warlocks have a Sugar Daddy, or Mommy. Not sure which. Not judging, just thought 
you should know that the spells and stuff are on loan. Hence only two spell slots.

*Speaking of Hex. The type of ability score you hex will determine the affect of the 
hex. So, if it's a big strong dude who hits really hard in melee, hex strength so he 
can't hit you. Hex the dexterity of the archer, so they also can't hit you. Or combine 
and hex to wisdom and a spell from another caster to give that spell a better chance of 
working. Sleepy sleepy trolls.

*Wizards are kinda cool, they can do immense damage, but are also so squishy. 

*That means that don't have much health. But it's more fun to say squishy. 
"squishy" hehehehehe

*Wizards should get more AoE spells (big blasty spells) later on but I haven't seen 
them so far in Early Access.

*Read the description of items before equipping them. Otherwise you may find that 
gloves of blasting blow *you* up!

*Some items give you spells. Movement, attack and healing spells are the most valuable 
in my opinion. But you do you.

*Dex adds to your AC, making you harder to hit. This is more important for people in 
the front with light armor. * cough * rogues * cough *

*Key ability scores for each class will change. This should be your highest score. 
In general though this is str for fighter, dex for rogue, int for wizard, wis for 
cleric, and wis or dex for ranger.

*This will change on how you specialize your class though, so if you decide to run a 
melee ranger (why? tho?) then str and con will be more important because a) you want 
to hit & b) you want to not die.

*Speaking of, dying is not the end. It is merely another path. Which all your 
characters must take.

*Seriously tho if you all die just reload a save, quick save is your friend. If only 
one or two die, it'll be fine. . . I think.

*Enemies are more intelligent and less forgiving than your average combat encounter 
run by your friendly dungeon master. So expect to get flanked, put to sleep, have a 
single character focussed down, and all the things your DM could do to you IRL but 
doesn't because he wants you to come back and play with him next week.

*Save before you go to go to camp / long rest. A lot can happen, personal drama, 
cinematics, new friends, and it's very easy to put a foot wrong when you you were 
just trying to be funny. Just like real life. So save, it's not save scumming if it 
was unintentional !

*Size matters. The bigger the die being rolled for your weapon damage, the more 
damage it will do, however, more die, of a smaller number, offer more consistent 
damage (If you want to know the nerdy math behind it, 2d6 cannot roll lower than a 
2, but have a lower chance of rolling two 6's. Where as a d12 can roll a 1, but has 
a 1/12 chance of rolling a 12. Overall, the affect is debatable but more die tend to 
feel more consistent than larger, but fewer die).

*Press ctrl to change the direction your characters are facing. This matters because 
Backstab is a thing (basically you get a bonus to your attack roll if attacking from 
behind) this applies to all enemies and your characters too.

*Better armor is rare, only the outfit (or chest piece) actually changes AC (shields 
also add to it) otherwise, boots, gloves, head pieces and jewelry apply bonuses. 
Such as +1 to dex save or (in the case of a rare magic item) intelligence set to 18.

*Start the fight whenever you can, getting the jump on the enemy is the difference 
between life and death. Preferably from stealth. With a rogue. This give you a 
surprise round (A surprise round is a full round where the enemy does not get to 
act) (note that when trying this method, often your other characters, if sneaking 
or out of range, will not immediately join the fight, you have to make them join 

*Crowd control is the biggest deal in this game. Anything that can stun, terrify 
or put to sleep the enemy. Basically, make the enemy have fewer turns & actions 
than you makes it a lot easier to win.

*The two most powerful spells I have found in the game so far are bless & healing 
word. They aren't fancy or flashy but boy howdy are they effective. Cleric FTW.

-=Race & Class=-
*Rogues do sneak attack damage when they attack from stealth. As you level up you 
can use a bonus action to hide again as a rogue. However, you need to make sure you 
are out of line of sight of the enemy to do this.

*Ranged Rogue is kind of a thing. It is more effective to be a dual-wield melee rogue. 
As you get to attack again with your off hand as a bonus action. Letting you get as 
much as four (!) attacks off per round, compared to a ranged rogue's single attack.

*Your race matters. . . like, elf and stuff. Uh, to clarify, I mean that, for 
example, if building a rogue, you want darkvision, you may also want the proficiency 
with shortbows + longbows that a Wood Elf gives you or any other racial bonuses.

*Humies are boring. Get horns (It's an RPG, stop playing human fighters, ugh).

*The rogue is... wait... where is the rogue?

*The cleric is pretty essential to any party. Healing word is a bonus action that 
lets you pick up allies from a distance. There is no reason to ever not have healing 
word. Keep healing word in your spell list!

*Bless is also kinda dope. Bane (anti-bless) is more situational but more useful 
in those situations.

*Fighters are you standard, uh, fighty-person. I wonder what they do? Hm. Nice to 
have, but not necessary for survival.

*Do not make fun of their funny noses. Do not make fun of their noses. I just.. 
wana tweak it.

*Tieflings are kinda. . . horny.

*Elves are pretty awesome and quite strong as a choice. Everyone will think you are
probably stuck up because you think you're better than them. Which is quite unfair. 
You know you are better than them.

How to Get Your Own Owlbear Cub:
Written by Dr Nilsson

-=Owlbear Cub Quick Guide=-
If you killed all the goblins then I believe that you cannot get the owlbear cub. 
The only way I have figured out how to get it is by:

* Kill it's mother in the owlbear cave.
* Leave it alone to eat its mother.
* Leave the cave and end the day (long rest at your camp).
* Go to goblin camp and find the goblins playing "chicken chase" with the owlbear cub 
  (on the west side).
* Talk to the goblin running the game and get through the dialogue but end with 
  refusing to play the game because of cruelty.
* Talk to the owlbear cub (via speak with animals potion or other similar effect) 
  and tell it to come with you. It will want to but be afraid of leaving the goblins.
* Talk to the goblin again, but this time there is an option to say you want to 
  leave with the cub. Select this and intimidate/persuade/illithid tadpole your way 
  to success.
* The cub will run away. Now you just have to do other stuff/wait for it to show 
  up at your camp. It showed up at my camp after a few long rests.

Hints, tips, tricks, and secrets:
Easy Classes: Martial classes are the easiest to use —- any class that focuses on armor, 
strength, and lots of big weapons. They are not necessarily the most powerful, but they 
are simple and straightforward. The Warlock is the simplest class to understand if you 
are aiming for magic-users. If you want a little bit of both, the Cleric is a great 
martial class with healing magic.

Change Character Turn Order: In combat, it is possible to alternate the turn order for 
your characters —- but only if the turns are together. If you have three party members 
taking turns at the same time, then an enemy afterwards, you can swap your party member 
turn around however desired before the enemy turn. You can do the same if you just have 
two characters taking turns at the same time. This can be very useful.

Throw Potions For Quick Healing: Potions can be thrown at allies for quick healing. 
However, the breaking glass does cause damage -- so do not use this technique if your 
ally has almost no health. You can also throw potions on the ground to create a little 
pool of healing your party members can stand in.

[Right-click] to Inspect and Learn Secrets: [Right-click] to Inspect is useful for 
examining the world. If there is a weak wall, make sure to inspect it to see which type 
of damage needs to be applied. Force or Blunt damage will knock down walls, while 
piercing or slashing damage will not help at all.

Lure Enemies to Death: The Find Familiar spell summons a Familiar you can command and 
lure into advantageous combat areas. Summon a Familiar and lure enemies under a rooftop 
so you can easily snipe them. The distraction can be very useful.

Use the Environment to Your Advantage: Using the environment can be your best weapon. 
Pushing enemies off ledges, luring them into traps, or setting off explosive barrels 
are great strategies for tough fights. You can also throw a poison potion on the ground 
in a chokepoint and defend that position, poisoning incoming enemies as they try to 
reach you.

Note the Different Types of Spells: There are two types of spells in Baldur's Gate 3 
—- instantaneous and concentration. Instantaneous spells are cast immediately on use, 
but Concentration spells take some time. If you are attacked while trying to summon a 
Concentration spell, you will have to make a successful ability check or your spell 
will be interrupted.

Do Not Spam Spells –- Use Alternate Methods: Everything in Baldur's Gate 3 works off 
a cooldown that is quite long. You will have to take short rests to recover some 
abilities and spells, and others can only be recovered after a long rest at your 
camp. Try to save spells for situations where you are outnumbered or in a tough 
fight. Use alternate solutions for battles —- like kicking enemies off ledges.

Rogues Tricks: Rogues are normally good with bows-and-arrows, but they are also 
good in close-range. If you are in a fight, you can jump (Free Action) to avoid 
reaction attacks and retreat, or you can enter sneak on your turn and hug the back 
of an enemy for a sneak attack. It seems strange to activate mid-battle, but it 
can work. With bows, you can dip your arrows into fire to set them ablaze and burn 
enemies. Try taking the high-ground as well. You will get bonuses for accuracy and 
range. Additionally, if an ally is standing next to an enemy in combat, you will 
have a better chance of hitting that enemy. The same is the case for magic-users 
trying to sling spells.

Throw Teammates and Enemies: If your strength is high enough, you can throw 
teammates and enemies. You can pick up enemies and throw them over a ledge for 
a quick kill.
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