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AI War 2 Cheats

AI War 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

You can access cheats by opening the System Menu (Escape key ingame 
by default), then going to Debug Menu and choosing from there.

Useful Tips & Tricks:
*Donít attempt to conquer everything, only capture planets that have something 
important/you need, or have strategic value. A planet that has a Zenith Power 
Generator or a fleet, or worlds directly adjacent to your home world are good 
for example.

*At certain AIP points, the AI ďtechs upĒ its units, so that the Warden Fleet, 
Hunter Fleet, and waves will be one level higher. This is a major buff to the 
AIís strength, so be careful about increasing the AIP too much too quickly. 
You can tell when those points are by clicking on the AIP icon in the resource 
bar at the top of the screen.

*There is a cap to how strong the Warden Fleet can get. Once it reaches that 
cap, any resources devoted to the Warden Fleet instead adds to wave budget. IF 
you see waves suddenly spike up in strength and no/very little AIP has increased, 
itís probably because the Warden Fleet is at its maximum capacity. Start grinding 
down the Warden Fleet to return waves to normal strength.

*Neutering planets refers to killing everything on an AI planet except for the 
Warpgate and Command Station. This makes the planet almost harmless to travel 
through. Donít just leave it. Note: The AI can rebuild turrets if they were 
originally around the Command Station on the planet. Be aware.

*Cross Planet Attacks are best dealt with piecemeal. You donít want to have a 
sudden rush of AI units barge into your homeworld while youíre dealing with 
something else on a different planet. Generally, the units from a cross planet 
attack will wait outside one of your planets, and once they have amassed enough 
units or feel confident enough to take on your planet they will charge all at 
once. While they are gathering, find the planet they are on and kill off as many 
as you can. While this will typically cause them to retreat and go to a different 
planet, itís better to deal with that threat a little bit at a time.

*Find and hold (by default) both major data centers for a HUGE AIP reduction.

*Reconquest waves happen once you cross a certain AIP threshold. You can click 
on the AIP icon in the resource bar at the top of the screen to see what that 
point is.

*Spending Science on ship upgrades is more useful early than on economics

*ARSs and Tech Vaults are very strong early-game objectives

The longer you wait before hacking a tech vault, the bigger the discount is 
(example, generalist costs 2000 knowledge to upgrade from mk1 to 2 and 4000 
from mk2 to 3. If I hack a tech vault that has generalist tech now, I will
 save 2000 knowledge. If I upgrade generalist first THEN hack the tech vault, 
I save 4000 knowledge.

*Strength does not consider unit counters. 500 pike corvettes have more 
strength than 300 v-wings, but since v-wings counter pike corvettes, theyíll 
win, despite having an inferior strength value. Carefully consider if you can 
win against the AI even if your strength is higher than itís.
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