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Age of Wonders: Planetfall Cheats

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

While playing the game, press Ctrl + Alt + C to display the console window. 
Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:

Code              Effect
tasman          - explores the map.
barentz         - explores the map and turns off fog of war.
cruijff         - all units have infinite movement.
hauer           - level up all units and heroes in the selected army.
hein            - win the current game.
oppenheimer     - win the current game through doomsday victory.
surrendertome   - forces the AI to surrender.
leeuwenhoek     - completes the current research.
philips         - completes the production queue in every city.
rembrandt       - grants 100000 Energy and Cosmite.
masterskills    - completes all research.
instantskills   - skills research instantly.
ruijter unlocks - all hero equipment.
oldenbarnevelt  - grants maximum influence.
oppenheimer     - win the current game through doomsday victory.
ikbedoelalles   - unlocks all world map operations from all races and secret techs.
freepop         - only works with colony selected, gives the colony an additional 
iamgod          - always win in auto combat.
optimalprime    - enables operations to instantly prime.
appeasefaction  - only works with faction units selected, improves relations 
                  with selected faction.
hatefaction     - only works with faction units selected, decreases relations 
                  with selected faction.
makeally        - only works when looking at a commander in the diplomacy
                  screen, changes diplomatic state with that commander to an alliance.

(Other cheats for diplomatic states are; makedefensive, makepeace, makeneutral, makewar)

Some of cheat codes, such as freepop, can be scaled by adding a number and a space in 
front. For example; í10 freepopí as a cheat, will give you 10 colonists in the selected

Resources Guide:

Energy: Energy is the main universal currency in the game. It is used for the production 
and upkeep of units, colony structures, unit modules and operations. Energy is generated 
by your colonies and no empire can go without it. Energy can be traded, and can be found 
as nodes and pickups on the map.

Cosmite: This rare material has an origin beyond the void and is required for advanced 
units and unit modules. Cosmite is mainly gained from map nodes. The rarity of this 
material means that high tier units canít be mass produced and Sectors containing Cosmite 
are highly contested.

Knowledge: Knowledge is used to rediscover and apply the lost technologies of the Star 

Influence: Influence is the diplomatic currency used to manipulate other players and 
NPC factions, it can be used for things like asking NPCs to surrender locations, hire 
NPCs mercenaries, and to make diplomatic pronouncements. Influence is gained by performing 
Quests and from an inherent generation of your empire. Cooperative Doctrines and friendly 
play styles give bonuses on Influence generation.

Tactical Ops: Tactical Operations Points are used to launch the Operations (Air strikes, 
Psi Storms, etc) you can call in during tactical combat, when a battle takes place within 
your Operational Coverage. The Tac Ops value resets every turn.

Strategic Ops: Used to launch Strategic Operations that are used on the world map. 
Strategic Operations include summons, sector buffs and debuffs and covert actions.

Doctrine Slots: Determines the amount of global doctrines (e.g. empire wide bonuses) you 
can have active at once.

Popular Support: Overall morale of your empire affecting Unit Morale and the Happiness 
of your colonists. It is influenced by the wars you enter and how justified they are 
perceived to be.

Reputation determines how other commanders and NPC factions see a commander. It affects 
a commander's Interface Influence gain and Popular Support and is influenced by the 
commander's actions. Virtuous reputation is required to launch the Planetary Unification 
Protocol operation and with a unifier victory.

Virtuous	600
Honorable	400 - 599
Trustworthy	200 - 399
Neutral	-199 - 199
Untrustworthy	-399 - -200
Dishonorable	-599 - -400
Deplorable	-600

Local resources and stored in colonies individually.

Interface Food income drives Colonist Growth upkeep, which in turn leads to Colony 
Expansion and higher economic income. It is also required for colonist upkeep.

-=Food sharing=-
Food sharing allows commanders to distribute Interface Food between colonies to support 
the ones with low or insufficient food income.

Food sharing is managed individually per colony via the income tab in the colony 
interface, where a commander can set whether they want the colony to take food or share 
food and to what degree.

Food sharing is set to Prevent Deficit by default, meaning the colony will take food 
until itís food income is 0, and will not give away food. If all colonies are set to 
Prevent Deficit, no Food sharing will occur.

Happiness indicates how content the population of a particular colony is with their life. 
The happiness income of a Colony is added to a happiness pool at the end of each turn. 
When the happiness pool reaches the Happiness event threshold a random resource will have 
its income boosted to 300% for a turn. In case of negative happiness income, the income 
is subtracted from the happiness pool instead. With enough negative income subtracted 
from the happiness pool colonists may become rioters. Once either a happiness or unhappiness 
event has occurred, the happiness pool will be set to 0.

The more colonists a colony has, the harder it is for happiness events to occur, and the 
easier it is for unhappiness events to occur.

Colonists	/ Positive treshhold	/ Negative treshhold

1-3 / 30 / -30
4-10 / 50 / -20
11+ / 70 / -10

Healing Mechanics Guide:
Unit healing rate is:

* +6 hit points (HP) per turn base healing rate.
* +6 hit points (HP) additional per turn if in friendly territory.

Additional healing my be provided by hero skills or unit special abilities. For example 
the Hero "Field Medicine" ability provides an additional + 6HP per turn when the hero is 
leading the current stack and the Vanguard's Engineer unit's Mechanical Recovery skill 
provides +6HP to Mechanical units in the stack.

You can find a units current healing rate by viewing the detailed unit screen and moving 
your mouse on top of the current health listing in the top-left corner of the screen.
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