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A Dance of Fire and Ice Cheats

A Dance of Fire and Ice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Enable Hit Error Meter:

* Just open Steam and go to ADOFAI.
* Select the Settings Cog then "Properties".
* In this menu, Select "Betas".
* Typer "thisisnotrhythmdoctor" into this box.
* Hit "Check box".
* Select "Opt Into: Alpha - welcome!".
* game should to update.
* Then start the game.
* Press ESC.
* Go to settings.
* Hit ellipsis on the right.
* Select desired size for hit error meter.
* Select desired shape.
* Done!

Nonbinary colors:
Enter the code NBRIGHTS on the main menu.
Yellow and purple circle with trail switching between black and white.

Secret Minesweeper game:
In the main menu, type "kaboom" on your keyboard to play a secret 
minesweeper game. (Probably requires Neo Cosmos DLC)

Type these codes in anywhere on the main level select screen 
unlock a hidden feature.

Code          Effect
transrights - Changes planet colours to light blue and pink and the 
              smoke trail to white.
Samurai     - Changes planet texture to samurai's.
typing      - Display the letter you pressed on the keyboard on each tile.
star4th     - Unlocks "One Forgotten Night" Speed Trial mode 
              (no checkpoints)
quree       - Unlocks ultra-hard secret level "One Forgotten Night".

While in the main menu type "thonk" and your balls will have changing 
emojis. To remove the emojis type "thonk" again.
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