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The Latest Game Cheats and Codes!
Here you can find of a list of the latest PC Games, Action games we have added to our cheats database.
The list is constantly being updated so keep coming back to check for any updates.
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HintsNew Cheats Mar 28, 2011
Crysis 2 [Update]
Enzai - Falsely Accused [Update]
Fallout - New Vegas [Update]
Graveyard Ran [Update]
Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars [Update]
Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty [Update]
The Sims - Medieval [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 27, 2011
Civilization 4 - Colonization [Update]
Codename - Gordon [Update]
Dark Void Zero [Update]
Daymare Town 2 [Update]
Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within [Update]
Wizard 101 [Update]
X3 - Terran Conflict [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 26, 2011
Bulletstorm [Update]
Command & Conquer - Yuri's Revenge [Update]
Hamsterball Gold [New]
Interactive Buddy 2 [Update]
Pirates of the Caribbean Online [Update]
Shogun II - Total War [Update]
Sonic Robo Blast 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 25, 2011
Dragon Fable [Update]
Fifa 09 [Update]
Hitman - Blood Money [Update]
Monster Truck Madness [Update]
Monster Truck Madness 2 [Update]
The Suffering [Update]
Total Overdose [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 21, 2011
Adventure Quest Worlds [Update]
Battle - Los Angeles [Update]
Bulletstorm [Update]
Homeworld [Update]
Pirates of the Caribbean Online [Update]
RISK - Factions [Update]
Star Trek - Elite Force 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 20, 2011
Autocross Racing [Update]
Bad Rats - The Rats Revenge [Update]
Diner Dash 4 - Hometown Hero [Update]
Dreamkiller [Update]
Foxy Sniper [Update]
Mass Effect 2:The Lair Of The Shadow Broker [Update]
The Fate [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 19, 2011
Act of War - Direct Action [Update]
Dino Run [Update]
EpicDuel [Update]
Fifa 08 [Update]
Grand Theft Auto 3 [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City [Update]
Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 18, 2011
Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors Expansion [New]
Command & Conquer - Generals [Update]
Drag Racer V3 [Update]
Driv3r [Update]
House of the Dead 2 [Update]
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure [Update]
Soldat [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 13, 2011
Command & Conquer - Generals - Zero Hour [Update]
Hot Rod - Garage To Glory [Update]
Need for Speed - Shift 2 Unleashed [New]
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Conviction [Update]
Urban Sniper 2 [Update]
Wizard 101 [Update]
WWE Raw - Total Edition [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 12, 2011
Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source [Update]
Fantasy Roller Coaster [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2] [Update]
Just Cause [Update]
Minecraft [Update]
Need for Speed 1 [Update]
Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 11, 2011
Army Tanks 3 [New]
Dragon Age 2 [Update]
Endless War 3 [Update]
EpicDuel [Update]
Freelancer [Update]
Powder Game [Update]
Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 07, 2011
Dead Space 2 [Update]
Painkiller - Redemption [Update]
Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within [Update]
Prince Of Persia - The Forgotten Sands [Update]
Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time [Update]
Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords [Update]
Rags to Riches [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 06, 2011
Battlefield 1942 [Update]
Birds Town [New]
Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Challenge [Update]
Legion Arena [Update]
Prince Of Persia (2008) [Update]
Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones [Update]
Watermelon Bomb [New]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 05, 2011
Conflict - Global Storm [Update]
EpicDuel [Update]
Heli Attack 3 [Update]
Homefront [Update]
Icy Tower [Update]
Portal 2 [New]
WWE Raw - Total Edition [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 04, 2011
BitTrip Runner [Update]
Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box [Update]
EpicDuel [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Ultimate [Update]
GT Racing 97 [Update]
Need for Speed 2 [Update]
Need for Speed 1 [Update]




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