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Weedcraft Inc Cheats

Weedcraft Inc

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Money:
Weedcraft Inc explores the business of producing, breeding and selling weed in 
America, delving deep into the financial, political and cultural aspects of the 
countryís complex relationship with this troublesome and promising plant.

-=How to Make Money=-
1. Gardeners have to get around lvl 3-5, so do gardening for yourself, until 
youíve got some laid back cash (30k-50k). Then hire one which you use to assist 
you, when you do the planning around the map. In that way, he can train to lvl up.

2. To expand on the tip about leveling up employeesÖ. Donít level them up in more 
than one category. Specialize your employees and then stop leveling once they max 
out their specialty. You only have to give them a raise after you add a point, so 
wasting points in all categories just ends up costing a lot and they wont be able 
to do every job at once anyway (they can only be assigned in 5 job spots). Plus, 
your gardeners will produce less if they also have to sell and run your front 
businesses. I find it to be way more affordable and efficient to have 3 employees 
with separate roles than one super employee (with a super salary) who is spread 
thin doing it all.
3. Also, you donít have to pay them exactly what they want if you keep them sweet. 
You canít grossly underpay them either (well, until you get the motivation perk). 
Try to underpay them just a little (enough to slightly lower your friendship, but 
not their motivation) and then put the effort into raising your friendship back up.

4. A couple of quick talking points that they like and youíre best friends again. 
You can also take small risks with their motivation if you consider some other 
factors as well. Hire employees who are naturally more motivated. Then taking a 
small hit in motivation temporarily wont be enough to harm their work ability. 
Also, keep the police off their backs. If there is a lot of police vigilance at 
their workplace, then their motivation suffers and you canít risk lowering it at 

5. Consider how comfortable they are with illegal activity. Let your more shady 
employees handle the illegal jobs. If an employee isnít comfortable with the 
legality of their job, then you will also have to be extra careful with their 

6. Sometimes itís better to not level up your workers to the highest levels, 
simply because you donít have to. Your workers have around 3-4 months to take 
care of your cultivation cycle (you donít need to water/train plants very moment 
it is possible, you have plenty of time). In most cases, your customers donít 
care about quality.
7. Try to get the opponents out of at least one of your dealing places, so you 
can raise the prices there. Befriend the cops, so you can push them.

8. In the first city, you can do well with ďdecentĒ (common Ė uncommon) weed, 
just match strain to customers demands and if have to Ė lower the price a little.

9. Just keep in mind, when moving to new cities, business still continues to 
operate in other cities no matter where you are. I left the first city in charge 
of two employees, they each control their own building from growing, fronting a 
business cover and selling. they are each independent and they continue to make
me money and improving themselves too, they are highly paid employees to run 
things while Iím busy elsewhere growing my empire.

10. Important to check customer types; always try to supply the wealthiest 
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