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UBOAT Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by GKV2403

To open console press "~". Very important enter console commands with big 
letter, console commands are case sensitive.

Budget [Any Number]                - Add some money.
Leak                               - Create random leak on you U-BOAT.
Reputation [Any Number]            - Increase reputation to buy upgrade.
Skip [Any Number and Time Unit]    - Skip in-game time w/out consume u-boat resources.
Teleport [Any Two Number]          - Teleport you U-boat on entered coordinates, 
                                     For East long use "-number".
Weather [Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm] - Change in-game weather.
XP [Any number]                    - Add experience to your crew on board.
Torpedo                            - Launch torpedo on selected target.
Wound                              - Damage you sailors moon.
Bomb                               - Drop bomb on selected target.
Detect [Any Number]                - Create random group near you position.
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