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Tsioque Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full Walkthrough:
Written by Pumpkin

A helpful little text based guide to have by your side.

* You awaken in a cell, Check the window behind you.
* Open your bag. Drop the Medal on the Plate below your cell.
* Continue to Drop the medal on the plate. 
* Click on the Skeleton.
* Pick up the Bread.
* Feed the bread to Tentacle in the grate.
* Take the Key and Use it on the door.
* Wave to the Guard.
* Walk through the arch.
* Pick up the Corner Stone from the Basket and Place in hole below.
* Align each Corner Stone until they Click.
* Touch the basket and Click the bottom of Casket (get cloak).
* Continue to the right.
* Use the cloak to hide from the guards on the stairs, twice.
* Click on the spider to turn off the light.
* Duck under or jump over the thrown guards.
* When the big guard stamps his feet, click on the spider.
* Continue up the stairs.
* Click on the Guard.
* Pull the Lever.
* Pick up the guards spike.
* Click on the wooden handle stuck below.
* Click on Tsioque.
* Pick up wooden handle pieces.
* Click on the dead Guard.
* Use the wooden handles to climb the wall.
* Pick up another two wooden handle pieces. 
* Place the wooden handles on the lift pulley to fix the wheel.
* Pull the lever to drop the bag on the guard.
* Run behind the pulley to hide from the guard.
* When the looks to the right, move to the gap in the wall.
* When the guard looks to the left, move to the gap in the wall.
* Time your moves across the Castle wall to avoid the light and the flying imp.
* You now have access to ten areas of the castle from the courtyard. 
* Once you enter each area the name of that area will be displayed when you hover 
  over it from the courtyard.
* Collect the Pepper Shaker and Feather in the Pantry.
* Use the Feather on the passed out guard in the Pantry.
* Pick up the Mug and Boots in the Pantry.
* Pull down the sheet in the Pantry.
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* Click on the fairy in the Great Hall 
* Use the Pepper Shaker on the Fairy in the Great Hall 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Camp Area, Move the training dummies to help the small Guard win. 
* In the Camp Area, Climb the ladder and click on the Helmet 
* In the Camp Area, Jump through the gap onto the fan below. Twice. 
* In the Camp Area. Pick up the Gloves in front of the tent, use gloves on the 
  helmet in the fire. 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Armoury, Wave to the Cat 
* In the Armoury, Click on the wardrobe 
* In the Armoury, Push the Barrel towards the Wardrobe and Climb up 
* In the Armoury, Hide in the Wardrobe 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* Pick up the Damaged Magic Bag in the Great Hall 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* Use the Damaged Magic Bag on the Table in the Sewing Room 
* Repair the Magic Bag 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* Go through the Right Window in Guard Room 
* Click on the Cloak, twice. 
* Move back to the ledge 
* Shoo the Crow to the centre pole 
* Wait for the Cat to scare the Crow 
* Climb on the Ledge 
* Move back and forth between the windows, sticking your tongue out at the guard until 
  the Cat is free 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Pantry, Ring the Bell 
* In the Pantry, Pick up the Carrot 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Dungeon, Collect the Picture Piece 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Stables, Collect the Dragon Scales from the trunk 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Camp Area, Click on the Stump next to the Breastplate, Pick up the Breastplate. 
* In the Camp Area, pick up the Chainmail 
* In the Camp Area, pick up the Helmet 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Guard Room, use the Carrot on the Barrel of Tar and click on the poster next 
  to the barrel to collect Picture Piece 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Sewing Room, Place all the Armour and the Black Carrot on the Dummy 
* In the Sewing room, Collect Disguise 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Tower, use the Golden Armour on Yourself 
* Use the Spider Web on the peeing Guard 
* Use his Spike to get the Keys 
* Use the small brown Key on the Door to lock the Guard in 
* Use the Large Gold key on the Doors in the Tower 
* Pick up the Magic Wand and look at the picture 
* Read the books on the shelf to the right. Get the red leaf. Make note of the Triangle 
  symbols in the red book. 
* Use the Triangle symbols to open the Chest on the left side of the room (turn the 
  second and last triangle upside down and then put the little bars on them).
* Get the Duck Sheild.
* Use the wand on the mirrior, turning clockwise to turn on, control the volume with 
  the wand. flick through the channels and turn the volume right up. 
* Click on the secret drawer under the mirrior, grab the Coin Purse and Wand 
* Leave the room and enter the Doorway on the right in the Tower 
* Use the Coin Purse on the Stairs, Twice 
* Click on the rope on the wall when the guard picks up the second coin 
* Go through the door at the top of the stairs 
* Look at the Desk, Take note of the piece of paper with the lines connected to dots, 
  this is the solution to the glowing orb on the right side of the room. 
* Pick up the Ear Plugs 
* Click on the Glowing orb and connect the stars as shown on the piece of paper 
  (starting from left top to create an upside down "M" shape). 
* Pick up the picture piece from on the floor next to the basket and take the lump 
  of charcoal from inside the basket 
* Click on the workbench and place the picture pieces in the book 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* In the Armoury, Place the duck sheild on the large sheild. 
  (Click the sheilds in the order: Bear, Zebra,Dog, Duck, Cat).
* Climb the rope and use the mug on the Golden water. 
* Pull open the doors on the roof 
* Enter the tower and go back to the wizards work bench 
* Open the small hatch and place the Red Leaf in the burner, close the door 
* Pour the Golden Water in the the Centre pipe 
* Place the lump of coal in the glass bowl 
* Place the Feather in the bottom left jar and the dragon scales in the top right jar 
* Plug the bottom left and top right jars with the ear plugs 
* Place the glass lid on the glass bowl 
* Adjust the two taps and press the fan a few times 
* Collect the elixir 
* Take the cloak from the Guard and use it 
* Grab the Medal 
* Go the the guard room, click on the phone 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* Go to the Cave, give your medal to the Duck 
* Climb up the cord, pull out the plug 
* Get the Mace, Grab the Teddy Bear's eye from the washing machine 
* Go back to the Courtyard 
* Go to the stables, use the Mace on the Chain to free the Zebra 
* Open the Box and get the Mirrior and Green Tea Cup 
* Go back to the Courtyard.
* In the Great Hall, give the teddy bear his eye and use the Mace to smash the Chain 
  on the door.
* Go through the doors, walk past the sleeping dragon, to the kitchen on the left.
* Get the Sieve from the Utensil Rack.
* Go back to the room with the Dragon and click on the Powerpoint on the wall. 
* The dragon will eat you.
* Click on the mace below you.
* Grab the bubble maker from the skeleton hand and pour some in the green pond.
* Quickly stick the mace in the gap.
* Follow the Green Blob and use the Sieve on it to get the pink cup.
* Go back to the Kitchen, get the purple cup from the cupboard below the kettle.
* Place each cup on its matching plate, turn the tap on and fill the kettle.
* Turn the knobs below the stove to boil the kettle, pour the boiling water in the 
  teapot and pour the tea into the cups.
* Give the Green tea cup to the Troll, the Pink tea cup to the Princess and the Purple 
  tea cup to the Unicorn.
* Pick up the Explosive pebbles from behind the troll, Grab the Soda bottle from the fridge.
* Go back to the Green Blob and use the Soda and then the Explosive pebbles on it.
* Click on the door and pull the chain.
* Use the Mirrior on the Wizard and then Run away.
* Each time Tsioque falls, click on her.
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