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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Cheats

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Loyalty Tips & Tricks:
Use the tooltip for loyalty, hover your mouse cursor over it to see what 
is causing the plus and minus to his loyalty.

* If you notice one of your governors or generals have loyalty in the red (0-2), 
  and you don’t have enough money to do the “Secure Loyalty” action in the politics 
  screen, it is strongly recommended you replace the governor or general, so their 
  potential insurrection won’t be as dangerous. Without a province to govern, the 
  insurrection won’t involve a region or province breaking out. Without an army, 
  your rebelling nobleman will simply spawn a small army against you 
  (usually 4 units).
* Once you do have an insurrection, don’t worry… it will do wonders for you in 
  the long run by smacking it down:
  Once you defeat the insurrection army/armies, the rest of the noblemen in your 
  court who didn’t rebel, will gain a permanent +4 Loyalty bonus. Sort of to 
  represent how they’ve gone through the fire with you, and come out on the other 
* Check the stats on the nobleman’s wife. Some wives have a trait that gives minus 
  to loyalty. It might be worth considering paying some gold to get them divorced.
* If one of your noblemen have more influence than your king, this will give them 
  a -1 loyalty penalty. You might want to attempt to diminish their popularity, 
  or increase your own.
* Estates: The “Low Estates” tooltip simply means they think the king have too 
  many estates, and not enough estates distributed amongst the noblemen. It doesn’t 
  necessarily mean that this particular nobleman wants more estates.

If you (the king) hover around 3-4 estates, this “Low Estates” should disappear 
for all your noblemen, regardless of whom you give an estate to.

Make farms a priority:
Marching up and down Britain with occasional breaks for bloody and 
gruelling battles burns a lot of calories, so armies need to be 
well-fed. At first, you’ll be limited to a single army thanks to 
low food, but you’ll have enough money to build and upgrade some 
farms, allowing you to expand your forces in a few turns. 

Resource buildings like farms and mines are no longer constructed 
inside settlements and are instead represented by small villages 
that don’t have any garrisons. This makes them a lot more vulnerable 
to attack, and it also means you don’t have to besiege a settlement
if you only want more farmland. Once you’ve upgraded your own farms, 
then you start looking for ones to pinch.

Monastery Locations:
Written by Hattiejake8

-=Finding the Monasteries=-

The "Community" research tree contains a number of public order and research rate
bonuses which can be useful to all factions. To unlock the tree, you will need to
either upgrade a "monastery" (or unique variant) or conquer one at max level. 

If you're playing as one of the factions based in England or Wales, you probably 
won't find any monasteries even in the very late game - the chain just stays 
frustratingly locked. 

In order to unlock this tree, you will need to conquer a provincial capital where 
the main settlement building is in the "Monastery" chain. No amount of mucking 
around with regular churches or other unique religious buildings will help (even 
though some of them are called monasteries - e.g. the Monastery of St Edmund). 
To unlock the tech, it needs to be the main settlement building itself. 

There are only seven monasteries in the game - 2 in Scotland and 5 in Ireland. 
The locations are:

Dun Cailden (in the middle of the highlands) - initially owned by Atfochla
Ioua (in the hebrides) - initially owned by Sudreyar

Cluain Mac Nois (bang in the centre) - initially owned by Mide
Archhadh Bo (central - just south of Cluain Mac Nois) - initially owned by Ospraige
Dun Patraic (on the east coast) - initially owned by Ulaid
Ard Macha (in the north east - just inland from Dun Patraic) - initially owned by Airgialla
Inis Faithlenn (southwest coast) - initially owned by Iarmamu

If you're based in England, the easiest to get to is probably Dun Patraic.

The Monasteries in Dun Cailden, Cluain Mac Nois and Ard Macha are each dedicated to 
a particular saint and they give a fame bonus and some extra buffs.
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