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Time Warpers Cheats

Time Warpers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Starter Guide:
Written by Vonbear

This is a basic huide on how to get started on time warper's, this is my 1st time 
doing anything like this so bear with me.

By now you should have a basic idea of how to move around using the wasd, and the 
fact that you can double jump and dash, you can also combo this to go a ridiculous 
speed and fly through the map when you have a better understanding of the game. You 
can grind at a zone by pressing tab which will make you go into ghost mode, this 
will make you invincible and make the enemies spawn constantly.

Every x5 zone you will encounter a hoard zone which you will need to beat in a s
pecific amount of time, and every x0 zones they will be a boss which you also need 
to beat in a certain amount of time before you can move to the next zone.

I personaly recomend getting into a group so you can progress faster than you 
can on your own.

-=Time Cubes and Butterflies=-
At zone 50 you will get guaranteed time cubes once you beat the boss which are the 
prestige currency of the game, you can use them when you time warp (prestige or 
acension for clicker hero's players), and you can assign time cubes to different 
buffs, they are as follow:

Active ability energy which affect your energy for your active ability's.
Active ability's which affect the potency of your active ability's and you can 
increase your hover bike speed and rotation speed (you unlock the hoverbike after 
beating the boss at zone 70). 
Gold affect's the amount of gold you get along with rainbow mobs which x10 the 
amount of your usual gold on that zone.

The click weapon, drone and turret all affect the crit chance hit and damage of the 
gun drone and turret's, you can also upgrade there starting upgrade when you get 
to the end which you only need one in each ability point. 

progression is what speed's up your progression by increasing your chance for time 
cubes and how much you get, and you can also upgrade your starting zone and the 
amount of waves you need to beat to progress to the next stage, and finally to 
increase your boss timer.

Butterflies are important because for every 10 red butterfiess you will get gold at 
the end of the world and the time butterflies which are blue which give you time 
cubes when you get to the end of the world and they are 1 per 10 zones and for the 
red butterflies they are on every zone.

You can get perks every x5 and x0 zone. The first time you beat the zone you will 
get a guaranteed perk drop. After that you can grind them to get more of them. The 
perks will get an upgraded perk once you got 10 of them. The rarities are common 
-> uncommon -> rare -> epic -> legendairy. After you got 10 legendairy pers you 
will get a common tier 2 perk, this perk will have slightly better stats. 
Every 200 zones the perk rarity the x5 and x0 zones drop will increase.

Perks will change the way your gun and team mates perform, so its good to have 
high rarity perks.

See the Tip's from the coment's for more details if you want.

-=What I Would Do=-
I would put my 1st few ability points as the tutorial tell's you to and then get 
atleast one ability point in every skill point and then focous on getting your cube 
chance and amount of cubes you get per boss up, I would they try to get my starting 
point to 91 so I can quickly farm cubes so I can progress faster.

Of course you can decide what you assign your cubes on your own and you can sell 
your skill's for cubes so you can experiment with build's as much as you want 
(you wont lose cubes by doing this).

How to Reach 4k Zones Per Hour:
Written by GGS Syntax

Since it was requested, I made a guide which explains, how to reach 4k zones per hour.

Basicaly you want:

* Start Moon 91. 
* Moving forward (Shift).
* Bunny Hop.
* Turn right, while jumping.
* Always press "A" and "Shift".
* On the space ship always keep a straight line, never press "W", 
  always press "Shift", even when you collide.
* Only correct your moving direction while you are on air.
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