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The Lost Art of Innkeeping Cheats

The Lost Art of Innkeeping

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where to Find All 15 Dickens Novels:
Written by Crazy Cat Lady

Locations of the 15 Dickens Novels

-=The Complete Collection=-
Book 1 – The Pickwick Papers – Investigate the backside of the piano once it has 
been moved into the lounge at the Inn.

Book 2 – Oliver Twist – Talk to Remus after hiring him.

Book 3 – Nicholas Nickelby – On a shelf in the Inn’s library.

Book 4 - The Old Curiosity Shop – Purchased from Nobby at the Item Shop.

Book 5 – Barnaby Rudge – On a barrel in the Inn’s wine cellar.

Book 6 – Martin Chuzzlewit – Investigate the Curio Cabinet in the lounge at the Inn.

Book 7 – Dombey & Son – In the Café under the bread display near the front door.

Book 8 – David Copperfield – On top of a dresser at the Tailor’s Shop.

Book 9 – Bleak House – On a shelf in Wodehouse’s room at the Inn.

Book 10 – Hard Times – On top of a barrel in the Blacksmith's Shop.

Book 11 – Little Dorrit – On top of a shelf inside the Farmhouse.

Book 12 – A Tale of Two Cities – In the treasure chest you dig up on the cliff top. 
Requires unlocking the attic room to view the tree painting, and solving the mystery 
of the “V” on the paintings to get the key to the chest.

Book 13 – Great Expectations – On the bookshelf at Rudolph’s House. The only time 
this bookshelf is accessible is when Rudolph is staying at the Inn and you sneak 
into his house via the window. If you miss this opportunity I don't believe there 
is a way to get the book later.

Book 14 – Our Mutual Friend – On the floor at Frank’s House.

Book 15 – The Mystery of Edwin Drood – Inside a crate in the Cave.
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