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The Solus Project Cheats

The Solus Project

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Cesarmarcano

Cheatcode:                    Effect:
solspeed                      Mercury mode (Mode 4th Dimension: Velocity)
solgod                        God mode
solgive Medpack               gives a medpack
solgive Beacon                gives a Beacon (VOR/DME portable beacon)
golgive Food                  gives a food
solgive FoodCan               gives a food can
solgive FoodBar               gives a food bar
solgive FoodBasin_pot         gives a food lots for food can or food bar
(50x food)
solgive AlienFood             gives a food alien
solgive AlienShell            gives a shell for food alien
                              (shell combining for food alien)
solgive Alien_medpack         gives a medpack alien
                              (AlienFood + AlienShell = Alien_medpack)
solgive Flashlight            gives a lantern (flashlight)
solgive BallCrystal           gives a BallCrystal (empty, need
IceCrystal or HeatCrystal)
solgive FlashlightBattery     gives a battery for flashlight (or lantern)
solgive Hammer                gives a Hammer
solgive HumanPipe             gives a Pipe (crafting for torch or hammer)
solgive Shield                gives a medieval alien shield
solgive sword                 gives a medieval alien sword
solgive TorchFlare            gives a Torch (with fire)
solgive Torch                 gives a Torch (empty)
solgive WaterBottle           gives a Waterbottle (with water)
solgive WaterBottle_oil       gives a Waterbottle with oil for torch.
solgive WaterbottleEmpty      gives a waterbottle empty (no water nor no
solgive IdolKey               gives a alien idol key
solgive Key                   gives a alien key
solgive IceCrystal            gives a light ice crystal (equivalent a
solgive HeatCrystal           gives a light heat crystal (equivalent a
solgive EnergyBall            gives a light energyball (equivalent a
solgive Cable                 gives a cable (rope)
solgive Cable_Moving          gives a cable movement (rope)

solbase                       Gets nearest base or cave for sleeping
solwalk                       Fly mode (Mode 4th Dimension: Ethereal Mode)
solsave                       gets save game
solgive [item]                give items
                              e.g. solgive torch
solweather [value]            give disasters and wealthers
                              e.g. solweather 2 (such as hurricanes,
                              meteors rainstorm, rainstorm, tornados,
                              earthquakes, etc.)
solpda                        give PDA handheld
soltime [time]                give timelapse e.g. soltime 30
solteleport [distance]        get teleport another location
                              e.g. solteleport 3
Travel [MapName_SubMapName]   Goto map
                              e.g. Travel Solus_Flashpoint_Cave1

Stat LEVELS                   Show info Levels
Stat FPS                      Show FPS framwrate
Stat UNIT                     Show NPC
Quit or EXIT                  Exit the console

Teleport Codes:
Press F8 and then type SLT Solus_[Map Name] (where "[Map Name]" is the name 
of your desired destination, such as Crossroads) to teleport to the desired 
location. Within a given location, you can also teleport to a particular 
region by pressing F8 and then entering solteleport [X] where "[X]" is a 
number that corresponds to the desired region (such as 2).
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