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Symmetry Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
1.One skill for one character (At the beginning).
2.It is worth having one person in the base in the first days 
  (production + food science)
3.Keep 6 batteries to repair the reactor
4.Spend part of the first day teaching the woodcutter and the 
  scrap collector until they have maxed skills.
5.The grower can wait to max their skill, the walk distance is 
  so short.
6.The grower can get a second skill (gathering), growing is so 
  much quicker than the other tasks.
7.The reactor worker can get a second skill (gathering), the work 
  on the reactor is so much quicker than the other tasks.
8.Donít upgrade the battery until you have a reactor worker 
  (appears after a time, you donít start with one) you canít use 
  it until then.
9.Upgrade the weather station once (mast to the right of the base) 
  it will allow you to see when the bad weather will come and when 
  it will clear. That will allow you to know if you need to send 
  people out for wood even though it is cold.
10.You can keep everyone inside should you need it, just stack 
   them all crafting food. Theyíll form a queue. Donít forget to 
   change back once the need to keep them in is over.
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