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Stationeers Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Stationary Battery Rush Guide (Europa):
Written by paccojl.

Main challenge on Europa early game is power supply. Batterys lose charge in low 
temperatures, solar panels only 41% effective, your EVA suit drain battery faster etc.

Solid Generator in starting gear can produce 20KW, but APC can charge battery inside it 
at 1KW rate only so you lose 95% of power generated. 
To fix it you need to build Stationary Battery.

So this guide actually is about rushing Stationary Battery as fast as possible.

Its a good strategy for any planet, but it suits Europa more than others because of 
low temperature and low solar power.

In order to build it you will need:

Stationary Battery(20 Copper, 20 Gold, 20 Steel)
made in Electronics Printer
Electronics Printer (20 Iron, 2 Gold, 10 Copper)
15 iron, 5 Coal - 20 Steel
made in Furnace
Furnace (30 Iron, 10 Copper)
6 Oxite, 3 Volatiles - Furnace fuel
0.5 Gold and 0.5 Copper for each Heavy Cable to connect Generaror to Battery
you need at least one, can do more
25 Coal for fully charge Battery

At least 40.5 Copper, 65 Iron, 22.5 Gold, 25 Coal, 6 Oxite, 3 Volatiles

You have to be fast to set up everything before your suit battery is out of charge.

Avoid using flashlight and use road flare at night to save charge.

If you dont waste time and do everything fast enough you can have fully charged b
attery by day 2 morning.

1 - Mining
New game starts at morning. Its easier to find ores durning day. So dont waste time 
setting up starting base, deploy tracking beacon and use first day for mining.

Dont mine more than 2 stacks of iron and 1 stack everything else in required list or 
you will run out of mining belt space (7 slots - 2 Iron, 1 Copper, 1 Coal, 1 Gold, 
1 Oxite, 1 Volatile). 

2 - Furnace
Once you have resources go back to lander and set up some frame platforms(3x3 square 
should be enough), Arc Furnace, APC(use large battery cell) and wires.

Smelt 30 Iron and 10 Copper in Arc Furnace. You can smelt more, but its better to 
save energy, and smelt remains in Furncae.
While it smelting set up Autholate.

Make Furnace in Autholate.

Set up Furnace.

3 - Steel
Prepare 6 Oxite, 3 Volatiles, 15 Iron and 5 Coal stacks.
Put Oxite in Furnace and click Activate until Input chute opens.
Put Volatiles in Furnace.
Put Coal and Iron and open Furnace.
Smelt all remaining Ores.

4 - Battery
Make Electronics Printer in Autholate and set it up. 
Make Battery and some Heavy Cables. 
Set up Solid Generator, Battery and connect everything. 


-=What Now?
Solid Generator + Stationary Battery will cover your energy needs for early-mid game.

In most cases next step will be setting up airtight heated room for hydroponics. 
Place battery inside it since it also loses charge in low temperature atmosphere.

Avoid Getting Lost While Mining:
Written by by Hitman82

Do you keep getting lost when you canít see your base? Feel the terror when 
you circle around and canít figure out which way to go with your belt full of ore?

Itís easy to get lost on your first mining trips outside your base render. Here 
are a few methods to help avoid the stress of spinning in circles with no idea 
how to get home.

Iíve been playing this game off and on for years but Iím no expert. If youíre 
already lost, itís too late for me to help you. This is my first guide, please 
be kind!

-=Beacon and Tablet Tracking Method=-
Beacons are very useful. You get a free portable beacon in one of the crates on 
the lander. Later youíll be able to make a base beacon, it consumes significant 
power so make sure your base power can support it.

The portable beacon can be powered with a small battery, but it wonít last forever. 
Make sure you remove and charge it after every trip. It can be powered on and off 
by clicking the main body.

You have a tablet and a tracking cartridge. Put the cartridge in the tablet, when 
you turn it on and scroll the mouse wheel youíll find an arrow pointing to a powered 
beacon (portable or base). It also points to other players if youíre playing with 

Procedure: Make sure you have your tablet with you. Ensure it has a full battery, 
contains the tracking cartridge and is powered off. Check the power to your beacon, 
make sure it has a full battery and itís powered on. A base beacon has a power 
switch on top of it, make sure it wonít drain your base while youíre away. A portable 
beacon could be blown away in a storm on some worlds so make sure itís someplace it 
wonít travel, such as a room or a hole in the ground. When youíre out mining and 
ready to come home, turn on your tablet, scroll the mouse wheel to find the beacon, 
and follow the arrow home. This is the easiest method but itís even better when 
combined with the methods below.

-=Compass and Bearing Method=-
If youíre like me and have a good grasp of using a compass and taking bearings, 
youíll never get lost. The compass cannot fail unless you forget to use it. You 
can find it next to your character picture, the number changes when you turn around. 
Impatient people get lost with this method, if youíre always in a rush and 
disorganised I recommend the beacon method for you (looking at you Industrialbass).

* 0 or 360=North
* 90=East
* 180=South
* 270=West

There are 360 degrees in a circle. To retrace your route youíll add or subtract 
180 degrees to or from your original bearing to keep the number between 0 and 360.

This is more effort than the beacon and tablet but you donít have to worry about 
power loss.

Procedure: I generally start with the 4 cardinal directions listed above. For 
instance, I leave the base travelling North (0 or 360 degrees). I do my mining, 
and when finished I go the opposite way home, 180 degrees. Do not wander off the 
bearing or you can get lost, especially at night or in a storm. After Iíve gone 
out on that bearing, I travel the remaining 3 directions and then I shift 45 
degrees. Devise a system that works for you, perhaps using a pen and paper, a 
Notepad program, or simple hitting F3 in the game and typing the direction youíre 
travelling there. It will show an error, but when youíre ready to come home you 
can press F3 again and see what the bearing was and then do the math (add or 
subtract 180). Iíve never been lost when using this method, I carry a tablet 
tracker and have a base beacon for backup because Iím paranoid about being lost 
but I rarely use them.

Another example: Prepare for a mining trip, full batteries and water etc. You 
want to go 45 degrees. You press F3 and type 45 and hit enter. There will be a 
brief red error message at the bottom of the screen, you can ignore it. Weíre not 
using the game console as intended but it wonít hurt anything, weíre Stationeers 
and survive by any means. Now, off you go! Itís sometimes helpful to start out 
at night, itís more likely to be day when youíre coming home and youíre less 
likely to be distracted by ores off your bearing if youíre unable to see them. 
STAY ON THE BEARING. Youíll have to divert around terrain at times, try to stay 
on the bearing and shift back to your straight path or use your jetpack. You 
find an ore that you need, start mining. If you mine it out and want to keep 
going, stay on the bearing. When youíre ready to return home, hit F3 and see 
the number 45. Now add 180, you get 225 degrees. Turn to face 225 and go straight 
home. Itís easy to miss your base if a storm starts or your base is small or you 
wandered left or right of the bearing. If that happens, try to wait it out until 
daylight. Turn off your light to conserve power, you can use batteries from your 
tools as well. A frame tower on your base can help spot it from a distance, 
station batteries make good navigation lights at night too.

Example bearings and their inverse to go home:

0 to 180 (0+180), 90 to 270 (90+180), 45 to 225 (45+180), 135 to 315 (135+180), 
200 to 20 (200-180), 250 to 70 (250-180)

In these examples youíll notice that when you pass 180 degrees, you subtract 180 
rather than add it. Youíll never want a number higher than 360 since there are 360 
degrees in a circle, 365 degrees = 5 degrees.

-=Landmark Method=-
The terrain features arenít very good landmarks, the hills look alike especially 
at night. Before I learned to use the compass method Iíd make shallow marking 
lines in the terrain with my mining drill. Think of it like breadcrumbs to find 
your way home. Make a short line in the direction youíre travelling. Do this 
periodically and youíll soon have a bunch of short lines radiating from your base, 
especially after a bunch of mining trips in random directions. From overhead 
your base would look like the hub of a wheel, with dotted line spokes going 
straight out in every direction.

Procedure: Get yourself fed and watered and charged and ready to mine. Pick any 
direction you like, and start travelling. Every minute or so, use your mining 
drill to make a short line in your direction of travel. The longer the line, 
the easier it is to find it in the dark. Donít dig too deep, you only need a 
dent in the terrain. Digging longer and deeper takes more time and battery and 
youíre going mining, not building roads. Try to go straight out from your base 
so the lines you make point at your base. Using a compass makes this a lot 
easier, combining the compass/bearing and landmark methods works really well. 
When youíre ready to go home, follow your lines back to base.

-=Road Method=-
This isnít a method Iíve tested, Iím adding it because it would work though 
itís not very practical. Build roads from your base and then mine near the 

Procedure: Cut into the terrain and then open your mining drill and select 
Flatten. You can then make a flat road straight out from your base, and 
branch off from the road to mine ores within sight of it. I donít know if 
youíd want to make a road with frames, I donít think itís necessary and it 
could cause performance problems. You could make short roads and run cable 
for lights down them if you have power to spare, but if thatís the case youíd 
be better off with the beacon method. When you find valleys or low spots you 
can adjust the altitude of your road or make a terrain tool and make causeways. 
This sounds like more work than Iíd attempt but itís a sandbox game so maybe 
youíre interested.

As you can see, the simple act of navigating a Stationeers world (or making 
a guide) takes more thought than youíd expect. All of these methods can be 
used effectively, but mixing and matching them works even better. Part of 
the allure of this game is the ability to solve problems in multiple ways. 
Having read all this, I hope youíll have learned something and never get 
lost again.

Tips to Survive on Venus.
* As mentioned before, decreasing the suit pressure and increasing the 
  temperature will extend the lifetime of your canisters by like an order
  of magnitude.
* Youíll need a vacuumed chamber ASAP to open your helmet and be able to eat 
  and drink. Sure, thatís not as fancy as a properly pressurized room, but 
  you wonít die from a 10s exposure to vacuum. Youíll have to vacuum the 
  chamber by using pipes as storage since you donít have a passive vent 
  from the start I think.
* Food and water are not a problem short term, you can get by with the 
  starting resources for, like, 80 days or something. Treat your HP pool 
  as another resource bar Ė let yourself get hungry and thirsty to zero, 
  just make sure to top both bars when HP is dangerously low. Venus 
  fasting, so to speak.
* Mine responsibly. Donít mine with the jetpack on, donít mine multiple 
  Z-levels at once, donít mine multiple voxels at once, lest the local 
  atmospherics effects kill you by smashing against terrain. Itís a pity 
  this issue is still out, and itís been #1 cause of death for me.
* Main power source on Venus is wind, no automation required, just slap 
  and watch it spin;
* Seeds for farming and extra gas require calling a simple trader, but 
  everything you need to trade is in the starting boxes. You can buy gas 
  in ice form, build a chute network to the ice crusher, use insulated 
  pipes, tanks and connectors to not be bothered by high temp. Donít use 
  windowed chutes, they make the ices melt.
* For quick steel you can use a combination of atmo gas, pumps and pipe 
  heaters. The furnace will need to be in a vacuumed chamber. Note that 
  at higher temps the furnace will start losing temperature due to new 
  radiation mechanics in the * Thermodynamics update, but the loss is 
  insignificant at these temperature levels. Same can be used for some 
  other tier-1 alloys youíll need provided that youíre aware of how off-
  gassing mechanics work.
* To grow plants at scale youíll need grow lights and hence electrum (can 
  be smelted similarly to steel above), and an enclosed CO2-rich cool 
  room. Portable AC can do the cooling magic here, CO2 is present in the
  atmo. You can naturally * use the Hydroponics station for this, but 
  youíll want electrum by this time anyway for automation, and extra food
  is good for cash flow (crops sold to plant trader, canned food sold to 
  ore trader).
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