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Sokfest Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Various Puzzle Solutions:
Written by Tsukichild

-=Argument in Club=-
You just need to present them with three beers.

You must be dressed in a suit and be friends with almost ever other 
person. I believe I was friends with 124 when I tried.

-=Bus Driver=-
You will need to return to the bus stop after speaking to Reuben and Aran. 
Speak to him twice to befriend.

-=Cone Lover=-
The cones are in Reubenís Room, the sewers, the parking lot, on the stage, 
and outside the backdoor of the club.

Feed the crow a worm, found in the apple.

Leaves are scattered around the levels, I believe he needed 5. One is well 
hidden in the bushes by the stage.

-=Festival Ticket=-
Bring a beer to the yellow alien stuck in the ground. He will give you
 his ticket.

To be his friend, give him beer.
To sneak by him, you need to use the bush disguise given to you by the fairy 
after you retrieve his wand.

-=Sewer Entrances=-
Either wear the diving suit and enter through the well or any toilet.

The train pieces are located in the club behind the speakers, in hell to 
the right, and in the sewers.

To get the treasure you must die with a cup of water. Get the cup and water 
in any porta potty.

To die, either be eaten by the chicken in ant form or be killed while not 
camouflaged trying to enter the cave.

Wand is in the sewers. Just give back to him to learn the bush disguise.
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