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Poppy Playtime Cheats

Poppy Playtime

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Chapter 2 Tips:
Written by Ink Crab

Five things you may have missed in chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime.

-=Yellow Hand=-
In Elliot Ludwig’s office at the beginning of the game, a yellow hand print 
can be seen on the bottom of the vent grate alongside the red and blue hand 
prints, which may hint that there will be a yellow hand in the game’s future.

-=Oven Meme=-
Behind Owen the Oven, there is small text that reads “Why do they call it oven 
when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food”? This is a reference to 
a 2013 Twitter post that quickly grew into a meme. I have no idea what this 
person was attempting to say.

-=Dead Toys=-
After completing Musical Memory, and while crawling through the vents, you can 
hear what sounds like roaring and something collapsing. Once you exit Musical 
Memory and return to the Game Station, look up to see Bunzo Bunny’s corpse in 
a web. The same thing will happen after completing Wack-A-Wuggy. This time, 
when you look up, you will see the Mini Huggies T-Posing in a web. Mommy Long 
Legs kills the toys after they fail to kill you. You never see PJ Pug-A-Pillar 
in a web, but it’s heavily implied that she kills him also.

-=Huggy Wuggy Survived=-
During the Water Treatment section, go onto the lift that goes up and down.
 Look directly to the left of you and you will see blood stains and blue hair 
stuck in the wall. This leads up to a conveyor belt that leads through a 
utility tunnel. The blue hair and blood signify that Huggy Wuggy is still 
alive, and that he’s climbing back up from the fall.

-=(Possible) Future Locations=-
If you’ll remember, Chapter 1 revealed various sections of the factory that 
were inaccessible. These include Innovation, Testing, Theater, and Cafeteria. 
Before Mommy grabs Poppy and takes her down the large hole in the floor, the 
location ahead of you is the Game Station, or the setting for the second 
chapter. The other blocked off areas include Research, Production, Playplace, 
and Innovation. As you noticed, Innovation has appeared both times, and 
Playplace is another name for PlayCare. The PlayCare, as we know, will be 
the main setting for Chapter 3. So does that mean that every chapter 
corresponds with one of these sections? So Chapter 4 could be Production, 
Chapter 5 could be Research, and Chapter 6 could be Innovation. 
This means that there could be more than five chapters.
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