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Planet X16 (CX16) Cheats

Planet X16 (CX16)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Change Windowed Mode:
Written by Catagris

-=File Location and Changes=-
* You need to edit the .bat file that launches the game.
* Go to the install location 
  (Right-click game->Manage->Browse Local Files).
* Edit the file “firepx16.cmd”
* I prefer playing windowed as it has less issues for me so  
  remove the -fullscreen and then I increase the scale to 2. 

-=Here is what my file looks=
 "%~dp0/windows/x16emu.exe" -fsroot "%~dp0game" -prg "%~dp0/game/PLANETX16" 
  -capture -run -scale 2

-=Additional Options=-
Full list of commands that I think are relevant to this game.

 -scale {1|2|3|4}

Scales video output to an integer multiple of 640×480

 -quality {nearest|linear|best}

Change image scaling algorithm quality

* Nearest: nearest pixel sampling
* Linear: linear filtering
* Best: (default) anisotropic filtering


Stretch output to 16:9 resolution to mimic display of a widescreen monitor.


Start up in fullscreen mode instead of in a window.

 -opacity (0.0,…,1.0)

Set the opacity value (0.0 for transparent, 1.0 for opaque) of the window 
(default: 1.0).
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