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Pirate Souls Cheats

Pirate Souls

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips For New Players:
Written by Kahel

If you are a new player of Pirate Souls, this guide will provide
you some beginnerís tips which will help you out.

* Biggest take aways from the tutorial is the melee combo

* Q Q E or E E Q, the last hit will always do more damage.

* So you can spam your Q or E attack but switch after the second 
  attack will increase your overall damage.

* Invest 5 points into Aim early for the slingshot, regardless if you
  will use it or not this will help later on when youíre killing things 
  way above your level.

* Punch trees and bushes for drops as well and you can use the wood to 
  make the first slingshot at the wood worker.

* Melee fighters go pure damage first few levels, make sure to do quests 
  to level up. Hunting does not give exp quickly.

* Once you have around 10 or so agility you should be able to one shot 
  boars, do the quests and level up.

* Weapons for melee fighters are sticks at the start, which are terribly 
  slow if you ask me but have more damage. You can do a hit and run method
  on most enemies.

* Boars drop soul energy, soul energy can be used for skills and then used 
  in your class at level 10.

* Focus on killing boars for tusks, meat and soul energy.
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