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Nine Parchments Cheats

Nine Parchments

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide for those who need all characters now.
Written by Zyryanoff

After running the game for the first time you can play only with two characters.  
Others can be unlocked as you progress through the story.

Switching to a new ones (as in Magicka) is possible only if you start OVER again 
the whole campaign with a new character, or use "pain-in-the" trick with 
creating/joining multiplayer session.

IMHO, controversial decision of the developers. As for me, such games is a way to 
have a good time with friends or family, and replaying the same levels is not fun 
at all. In case of 4 people cooperative  you have a choice only of 2 characters, 
which is also not very cool.

For Windows users. Go to:
Open options.txt file with a Notepad or any text editor
Find (search ctrl+f) a string:
setOption(gameBaseApplicationModule, "CheatsEnabled", false)
Replace false with true and save the file.
Start the game, press F8 in the main menu, the console will open. Enter the cheat code:
If it worked, message "nil" will pop up in the console, and characters will be unlocked.

-=Additional information=-
If the console doesn't open and the file options.txt resets to its original state each time 
you run the game, try this: 
after saving, right-click on options.txt > Properties > set Read-Only checkbox > OK.

If you want to open all staffs aswell, you can use:cheat.unlockItems().

I hope everything worked out for you.
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