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Mystwood Manor Cheats

Mystwood Manor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to enable Cheat Menu in game?:
You have to check if, in your game folder, you have the file "key.ini" 
or key (depends if you can see files extension), if you haven’t it, 
you have to copy like I have described in point above.

Also you can see if the game has started in Full mode, after you have 
loaded it, please check, in the bottom right corner, what it is written 
in the brackets.

Also please remember that:
* Cheat Menu is enabled only after the tutorial has been completed, that 
  is when Karen (the first guest you check-in in your hotel) will leave.

* Every game version has its "key.ini" file, you can’t transfer this file 
  from old game path to the new one because it will not be recognized.

How to utilize the reputation cheat:
Written by sycho_3wd1337

Recently, we’ve seen a spate of players having difficulty hiring staff or 
renovating rooms/facilities. Most of this is due to using the Manor reputation 
cheat (indicated by the purple star in the Cheats menu). If you max the Manor 
too soon, you may run into problems hiring staff, renovating rooms or doing 
some events (results will vary). Not the least of which, your staff, if they’re
at too low a level (say levels 1 or 2), will not be able to accommodate higher 
level guests, resulting in guests leaving without paying.

The simplest way to use this cheat without causing any bugs is this.

First, make sure you’ve hired the correct staff for each of the Manor levels. 
They are:

* Amber at level 1.
* Riley and Kay at level 2 (some conditions will apply).
* Laura and Annika at level 3 (some conditions will apply).
* Hana at level 4 (some conditions will apply).
* Catalina at level 5 (some conditions will apply).

Next, with each level you increase, make sure you have the staff at the 
appropriate skill levels (1 – 5). You can level up your staff by one of two ways:

* Through successful guest interaction/working assigned jobs.
* Leveling them up via Amanda (you can only have her train your staff Mondays
  - Fridays once you reach Manor level 3).
* Finally, make sure that you have renovated each of the guest rooms (per level) 
  as well as the facilities your guests will want to utilize during their stay.

-=Now comes the part where you level up the Manor=-
With each level you increase, partially fill up the orb to near full then allow
 your guests to help as well with each successful stay.

If you carefully follow the above steps, you shouldn’t encounter any problems 
during your game.

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