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Monster Girl Club Bifrost Cheats

Monster Girl Club Bifrost

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

All Achievements:

1. Owner of Club Bifrost: Cleared Normal Mode.
2. Our Club’s Number One: Raised a queen.
3. Freshest Club: Maxed a construction.
4. Yo Dawg, Here’s a Club, In Yo Club: Constructed everything in the same run.
5. 3 times the satisfaction or your money back! : Reached 300% customer satisfaction.
6. Pretty good work if I must say: Reached 500% customer satisfaction.
7. Pro Service: Fulfilled 20 escort requests.
8. 100 5 Star Reviews: Made 100 clients into happy campers.
9. This, is, Club Bifrost!! : Made 300 clients into happy campers.
10. Plus Ultra and Beyond: Used up 50000 of clients’ energy.
11. My First Million Dollars: Made over 1 million G in the same run.
12. Easiest 5 mils of my life: Made over 5 million G in the same run.
13. This isn’t even my final form: Had a girl with all stats exception affection at lv.6.
14. Monster Girl Master: Had a girl with all stats exception affection at lv.7.
15. Our Beloved Master: Owned 3 “Maid Knowledge” girls at once.
16. Sir, please leave: Used banned badge on 3 rough clients.
17. Stay away from my girls: Used banned badge on 3 hot guys.
18. Master of Club Bifrost: Cleared Hard Mode.
19. Thank You For Playing: Cleared Expert Mode.
20. What should I buy with all these points…: Cleared Hard Mode without 
    any new game plus bonus.
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