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Might and Magic X Legacy Cheats

Might and Magic X Legacy

Submitted by: David K

In the Might And Magic X Legacy folder within your Documents folder, create 
a new empty file named "global3.lsg" and then launch the game. You can now 
open the cheat console in-game by pressing CTRL+ALT+C on your keyboard (use
the keys along the left side of your keyboard, not the ones to the right of
the space bar).

How to Enable Respawning Enemies:
Written by  Eatitup_86

For Might & Magic X Legacy players, this guide is about how to enable enemy 
respawns across the entire game. This should allow folks to never be able to 
get stuck in the normal way anyways… since you will be able to level up at 
any time.

WARNING: Anything that triggers a loading screen including loading your save 
will respawn the area you are currently in. Additionally, any enemy that is 
not initially aggressive will effectively be an invulnerable NPC which could 
result in blocked exits / triggers if you reload at the wrong times. Save 
often and be wary. I also recommend storing both a default and modified DLL 
to work around this issue if you are still able to exit the zone.
-=A word of Warning=-
I am not sure I will improve this mod or not but it should be possible to 
disable all spawns that could potentially cause problems with some custom 
C# code.

As is this change is global as in every enemy in the game that does not trigger 
via a trap-like mechanic (floor / chest / barrel spawn) will respawn after 
every load scene including loading your save.

Since that is the case I recommend saving at the start and end of every stage 
and storing a backup version of the original unmodified DLL since it’s map spawn 
check should despawn those immortal non-aggressive NPC enemies if you fully 
leave the area and return.

A few steps to make a small change
Required app(s):
dnSpy – Allows you to edit the source code stored within the game’s DLL.Directions –
Make a copy of:
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Might & Magic X – Legacy\Might and Magic X 

if you would like though you can just use the Steam file validation check to r
estore it. It is useful to have both for when you want or need to disable respawns.

1: Unzip dnSpy.
2: open dnSpy,
3: Click File -> Open.
4: Select –
   C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Might & Magic X – Legacy\Might and Magic X 
5: In the Assembly Explorer on the left expand Legacy.Core.dll 
   then Legacy.Core.MapLoading.
6: Expand MapLoader.
7: Right Click on LoadSpawnerFromGrid and choose Edit Method (C#).
8: Change this line:
   else if (invalidSpawnList == null || !invalidSpawnList.Contains(spawn2.ID))
   to (remove the ‘!’ character from the right side)
   else if (invalidSpawnList == null || invalidSpawnList.Contains(spawn2.ID))
9: Click Compile.
10: Click File -> Save Module -> Ok
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