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Midnight Ride Cheats

Midnight Ride

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full Walkthrough and Achievements:
Written by Mic

If you follow this gameplay, you will get 100% achievements earned 
in few minutes. Chosen texts are shown as Bold texts.

First of all, start new game and you will get an achievement of

1.Get Out! -Get kicked out the car.
  Then Keep Declining Every Ride Offer till the end to get.
2.Nope! -Declined your first ride offer.
3.I can walk! -Declined every ride offer.
4.Free Ride! -Who needs a taxi.
  Start the new game again then Keep Accepting Every Ride Offer to get.
5.Teaparty -Enjoyed one cup of tea too many (Accept the tea).
6.David's Goliath -You helped out David (Give him a blow-job).
7.Bro! -You handled the Brofist like a pro (You please her).
8.Free Ride! -Who needs a taxi (Strip, get naked and fu-ck-ed).
  After those steps: Go to ? Extras ?Roadmap?R1?The couple (Refuse the tea) to get.
9.Christmas Present -You got a surprise!
  Go to ? Extras ?Roadmap?R2?Longhaul (Refuse to give a blow-job) to get.
10.Home Sweet Home -You made it home without a scratch!
   Go to ? Extras ?Roadmap?R3?Nice Rack (Let her please you) to get.
11.Horsing Around -You always wanted a pony!
12.Collector -You unlocked every gallery image.
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