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Megaton Rainfall Cheats

Megaton Rainfall

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Xeno Cubes / The Signs:
Written by Dovah

-=How to Use Signs=-
You can do this before or after you do the final mission. If you do it after 
the final mission, you'll have to do the final mission again to get the final 
xeno cube.

* Ability to travel to other planets 
* Heat Ray

-=Finding the signs=-
One of the most efficient strategies for finding a sign is to fly outside of the 
galaxy. Once you do so, you'll notice a blinking light with an arrow pointing to 
it. This is Earth. There will be another blinking light with a higher pitch sound
than the one on earth. Follow this and it will take you to a sign.

-=Using a sign=-
Using signs are pretty easy. Once you find the obelisk, there will be a beam 
of light coming from it, you'll want to stand in front of this light. This will 
pull you into a prerecorded message which will loop until you move away from it.

Once you want to find the next sign, use the Heat Ray to destroy the obelisk. 
From here you back out of the solar system and repeat this process.

Suicide Achievement will be easy to aquire on the third sign and seventh sign.

-=First Sign=-
Located in the milky way. if you leave earth's solar system it should be easy. 
if you leave the galaxy it'll be easier.

-=Second Sign=-
This is located on an arid desert, very close to a star.

-=Third Sign=-
Trinary System (3 stars) with a black hole in the center.

-=Suicide Achievement=-
The suicide achievement is best to acquire while you are here (and may save 
you hours of searching). Below is the requirement to do the achievement. 
Fly into a black hole. thats it.

-=Fourth Sign=-
The Fourth sign is located on an astroid, which is amongst an astroid belt 
surrounding a black/purple planet.

-=Fifth Sign=-
Fifth sign is located on a gas giant, more specifically an astroid floating in 
the planet. Planet is covered in black tornadoes as well.

-=Sixth Sign=-
Binary System (2 stars). Located on a moon of a gas giant.

-=Seventh Sign=-
Located on a very hot planet, close to a star. The system also has a black hole.

To get the last xeno cube, you must complete the final mission after getting 
the first seven signs. You can do this after completing the final mission for 
the first time or before.
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