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MadCowBalls2 Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Game Settings:
Written by martin_m5

MadCowBalls2 was original created to load a lot of settings from a .ini file. It 
was later scaled down due to prevention of game bugs as it could make the game 
unplayable if the game was not able to load the file.

When you start the game it will check if this settings file have been updated. 
If the file is empty or doesnt exists it will be created with default settings. 
The game will also run a performance test (how many times can the computer render 
the start screen in a given time space). The graphical setting are set after. 
The user may also change the setting in the launcher and at default there is a 
fallback (if the FPS is lower than 30 for a period of time it will lower the 
settings in game).

If you want to edit the settings file you can find it under:
The file name is "MadCowBalls2.ini".

Difficulty: 0-8 (0-7 is normal mode and 8 the arcade mode. 
Set to 0-7 enter normal mode or 8 for arcade if you want to start the game 
without the launcher).

Cheating: 0-1 
(if set to 1 leaderboards will be disabled and secret cheats will be available)

Soundtrack Player: 0-1 
(0=normal, 1=launch the music player).

tocowprogress: 0-1 
(0=no action, 1=send the launcher to Cow Progress to update achievements).

Screen Saver: 0-1 
(1=launch the game as a screen saver).

Restart Times: ? 
(Set to 0 if the games ends fast. This is used to prevent cheating by exit and 
restarting the game to get a better random level).

Sound FX volyme: 0-100 (100 is max)

Music type: 0-2 
(0=default, 1=SpaceWipe3, 2=SlowJam)

Graphics: 0-5

Set Graphics: 0-1 
(anything else than 0 will result in a new performance test when the game 
starts the next time)

Graphics Score: - 
(this doesnt change anything as it is only used at the performance test)

V-sync: 0-1 
(0=off, 1=on).

Stop Flashing: 0-1 (If set to 1 there will be less flashing and fast animations. 
This will also help a slow computer to run the game at better performance).

Graphics set By User: 0-1 (if the user have changed to settings after the game 
have done its performance test this is set to 1).

Screen Shake: 0-2 
(0=normal, 1=lower then normal, 2=off).

Full Screen: 0-1 
(0=window mode, 1=fullscreen).

Text fade timer: 0-1600 
(should be able to handle higher numbers)

Helptext: 0-1 
(if set to 1 texts will be shown in game)

Menu Theme: 0-6 
(The backround picture in game menu and loading screen)

Menu Transparency: 0, 2 
(if set to 2 100% transparent)

Border Theme 0-7 
(Changes the apperance of the boarders of the playing field)

Show Numbers: 0-1 
(If set to 1 detailed information of countdown, values and ammunition will be shown 
on top of the normal HUD information)

Slide Show: 0-1 
(1 can be used to create a showcase of the game like a trailer).

Arrow Animation: 0-6 
(Changes the animation of the arrows or balls shadow that helps the player 
to understand where to balls will be launched when released from the pad).

Fast Level Intro: 0-1 
(faster movement of the borders).

End Level Stats: 0-1 
(not used in current version of the game but may come back).

Frame Coefficient 
(Red, Green, Blue): 0-255 
(Do you want a yellow screen? Here you can change that).

Frame Coefficient Value: 0-15 
(Set the Frame Coefficient (Red, Green, Blue) presets).

Frame Coefficient Randomizer: 0-255 
(The game add or subract a number from the Frame Coefficient 
(Red, Green, Blue) using a random algoritm).

Frame Coefficient Randomizer Value: 0-2 
(Frame Coefficient Randomizer preset, 2 is off).

Language: English (United Kingdom) 
(Identified language from the computer OS or set by the user in the launcher).

Identifier: x number (identifier to prevent cheating, may also be used in case 
of none steam database usage).

(The last used name in game).

How to Get a High Score:
Written by martin_m5

There are likely a few ways of getting a high score but here is what i have found 
while testing out the game.

1.Stay Alive
Dont have more balls than you can handle. More than 3 can keep you busy.

2.Angle The Balls
Use the edges of the pad to send to balls towards the borders. This angle play will 
give you more time to react. This may also be a bad strategy depending on the level 
setup. You dont want too many bounce chances, keep the bounce somewhat predictable.

Dont collect all if you dont know what they do. If you take one red, wait a bit to 
make sure that you understand what it is doing. Find the best ball upgrade for the 
current level and stick with it (fire ball is my favorite at low levels). 
Collect extra score bonuses when you have nothing else to do.

4.Multi Bonuses
Make the level explode! Try to break a lot of bricks at the same time. 
This will give you multi bonuses and they give you a lot of score and may also drop 
you extra life.
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