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Line War Cheats

Line War

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Additional Useful Tips/Unexplained Mechanics:
Written by Mapled

A collection of miscellaneous tips/mechanics:

* 1 or 2 infantry will capture a territory too slowly, while too many 
  will reduce efficiency due to travel time. Ideally, use groups of 4-6 
  infantry to expand in different directions.
* Vision and detection are additive, meaning that multiple units together 
  can see farther and detect hidden units from farther.
* Cancelling unit production will refund itís cost.
* Creating an entrenchment with multiple layers will assign units to different 
  layers. An entrenchment with 3 layers containing riflemen, artillery, and SAM
  will place riflemen at the front, artillery in the middle, and SAM in the back.
* A narrow entrenchment that is filled is better than a wide entrenchment with 
* Unit retention is important, especially in the early game.
* Rockets are inefficient, and should only be used against heavily fortified 
  chokes, large blobs, and turtling players.
* A direct rocket hit will oneshot all structures except a city.
* Damaged units/structures will automatically begin regenerating HP after 
  idling for a while.
* Oil wells are more important than you think.
* Oil wells really are more important than you think.
* Selecting an existing command will copy its current settings. 
  This is useful for extending and splitting paths/lines.
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