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Lego Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes Cheats

Lego Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Pause game play, select the "Extras" option, then "Enter Code". Then, enter
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Effect                      Code
Alfred Pennyworth         - ZAQ637
Batgirl                   - JKR331
Bruce Wayne               - BDJ327
Catwoman (classic)        - M1AAWW
Clown Goon                - 9ZZZBP or HJK327
Commissioner Gordon       - DDP967
Fishmonger                - HGY748
Freeze Girl               - XVK541
Freeze Henchman           - NJL412
Joker Goon                - UTF782
Joker Henchman            - YUN924
Lexbot                    - W49CSJ
Mad Hatter                - JCA283
Man-Bat                   - NYU942
Military Policeman        - MKL382
Mime Goon                 - ZQA8MK
Nightwing                 - MVY759
Penguin Goon              - NKA238
Penguin Henchman          - BJH782
Penguin Minion            - KJP748
Poison Ivy Goon           - GTB899
Police Marksman           - HKG984
Police Officer            - JRY983 or V9SAGT
Riddler Goon              - CRY928
Riddler Henchman          - XEU824
S.W.A.T.                  - HTF114
Sailor                    - NAV592
Scientist                 - JFL786
Security Guard            - PLB946
The Joker (tropical)      - CCB199
Two-Face Goon             - 95KPYJ
Yeti                      - NJL412

Effect                      Code
Bat-Tank                  - KNTT4B
Bruce Wayne's Private Jet - LEA664
Catwoman's Motorcycle     - HPL826
Garbage Truck             - DUS483
Goon Helicopter           - GCH328
Harbor Helicopter         - CHP735
Harley Quinn's H. Truck   - RDT637
Harley Quinn's Motorbike  - C79LVH
Mad Hatter's Glider       - HS000W
Mad Hatter's Steamboat    - M4DM4N
Mr. Freeze's Iceberg      - ICYICE
Mr. Freeze's Kart         - BCT229
Penguin Goon Submarine    - BTN248
Police Bike               - LJP234
Police Boat               - PLC999
Police Car                - KJL832
Police Helicopter         - CWR732
Police Van                - MAC788
Police Watercraft         - VJD328
Riddler's Jet             - HAHAHA
Robin's Submarine         - TTF453
The Joker's Van           - JUK657
Two-Face's Armored  Truck - EFE933
Zoo Sweeper               - DWR243
-=Game play=-

Effect                      Code
Beep Beep                 - ZHAXFH
Character Studs           - TPJ37T
Disguises                 - BWQ2MS
Extra Hearts              - 4LGJ7T
Extra Toggle              - 7TXH5K
Fall Rescue               - TPGPG2
Gold Brick Finder         - MBXW7V
Minikit Finder            - LRJAG8
Peril Finder              - RYD3SJ
Red Brick Finder          - 5KKQ6G
Regenerate Hearts         - ZXEX5D
Stud Magnet               - MNZER6
Studs X2                  - 74EZUT
Super Build               - JN2J6V
Vine Grapples             - JXN7FJ

Red Brick Minikit finder:
This costs 50,000 studs to purchase. In Gotham Park near the park, play the mini game 
with the boats. Shoots the subs with your boat.

Red Brick X2:
Locate the Remote Bat Computer near the police station. Turn left and you will see a 
mini-game. Play the game and smash the cars with your hammer car to receive the red 
brick x2.

Batman: Arkham Asylum reference:
When you battle the Prototype LexBot near the end of level 9, the robot runs into the walls 
and can be hurt just like Bane and the Titan Thugs from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Superman theme music:
While flying as Superman outside of a level, the theme from the Superman movie will 
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