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Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom Cheats

Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. 		

Unlockable                      How to unlock
A Friendly Game (10)          - Complete the tutorial
Beginning of Wisdom (10)      - Learn an Ability
Catch Me If You Can (10)      - Hunt down Loki's head
End of Cold Love (10)         - Defeat the Ice Maiden
End of Frenzy (10)            - Defeat the Balrog
End of the Dimension (10)     - Defeat Encablossa
Origin of Obsession (10)      - Succeed in Item Synthesis
Pride and Imprudence (10)     - Defeat Loki
The Fallen Forest (10)        - Defeat the Forest Guardian
Awakened Lover (20)           - Finish the game with Celine
Dueling Is My Life (20)       - Raise Marguerite's favor to 50%
End of Mutation (20)          - Defeat Mutant Curian
End of Pain (20)              - Finish the game with Regnier
Gluttony (20)                 - Pick up all items dropped by a boss
Marguerite, My Love (20)	- Raise Marguerite's favor to 100%
Misery Loves Company (20)	- Have a heartwarming talk with Bertrand
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