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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Cheats

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Injuries and Diseases:
Written by JWolf224

List of in-game diseases and injuries in order that they appear 
in the datalog.

As listed in the databank under aliments to help you find what you are 
missing with some information on how I got them. Most are from fights 
and storms.

Broken Claw 
(happens in fights. Recommend Velociraptors vs dilophosaurs in sandbox mode).

Broken Wing 
(anything in the aviary can get this. Not sure what causes this exactly).

(injury from fighting).

Damaged Tooth 
(Fight injury).

(snow/blizzard storms or Pennsylvania campaign map when recovering the Diplodocus).

(Snow/blizzard storms).

In-grown Claw (Dino must get Broken Claw first. Do not treat and it may turn into 
Ingrown Claw. Took me about 3 hours. Tested on a friends and got within 10 minutes)

Internal Bleeding 
(Fight injury/ injury from hurricane storms).

(From fighting or attacking fences).

Major Fracture 
(From fights).

Minor Fracture 
(from fights).

Organ Trauma 
(from fights).

Second Degree Burn 
(Unsure but think it was obtained in campaign. Maybe storm or from a rescued dino).

(from fights).

Surface Wounds 
(from fights).

Swallowed Object 
(Let a large carnivore eat guests).

Swallowed Phone 
(Let a large carnivore eat guests).

Third Degree Burn (Unsure but think it was obtained in campaign. 
Maybe storm or from a rescued dino).

Since Germany (Jurassic Difficulty) in challenge mode has super high disease 
chance, I got a few there when trying to beat it.

Algae Poisoning 
(Think this is from a lack of water but high needs for everything else).

Avian Influenza 
(Lots of dinos in a small area I believe).

Avian Pox 
(Random possibly).

Bracken Poisoning 
(From lack of forest need. I got this from Apatosaurus being completely happy bar 
forest I believe).

Chronic Stress 
(High levels of discomfort but seems random).

(In the campaign I think. Description says exposure to a fungus found in sand 
and soil).

Common Cold 
(Fairly easy if you mix dinos together. I had Velociraptors fighting Dilophosaurus 
for injuries list and this appeared a lot).

(Random and somewhat common. Not sure the triggers).

E. Coli 
(Have a meat feeder used by several dinos. Procompsognathus (Compys) 
trigger this a lot. Shark feeders can also get this).

Foot and Mouth 
(Lack of open space need. Use Mosasaurus as it canít break out of the lagoon).

(Velcoiraptors are susceptible to this if feed by meat feeders).

(Unsure. Description says excessive consumption of certain plants so maybe 
random herbivore).

Infected Wound 
(Donít treat any of the wound types surface, lacerations, broken claw etc 
injury and it will go infected).

Ivy Poisoning 
(All herbivores needs meet besides food I think).

(Random I believe).

(Meat feeders used by multiple dinos. E.Coli and salmonella are similar set up. 
Think itís random which you get).

(From sand storms).

(Random I believe).

Guide to Create a Scenic Map for Dinosaurs Only:
* Choose a flat squared map (biosyn, medit. have forrest you can walk through, I 
  would highly suggest them as maps).
* Build two hatcheries + landing point in one corner of the map.
* Build an aviary + hatchery somewhere close, you dont need to connect it to 
  streets and can delete as early as you are done with avian dinosaurs.
* Go into the land hatchery. set it to ďnewĒ on the upper left corner of the 
  breeding screen.
* Open the aviary, go into breeding, chose one dinosaur; donít breed it there, 
  just select it.
* Go back into your land hatchery; it now should show the selected pterosaur 
  from the avi hatchery, breed it as normal.
* Important: flying reptiles should ALWAYS be bred and brought out by helicopter 
  to the middle point. They like sticking around the building they get spawned
  from. I always set them in the middle of the map, so they can spread out.
* For land animals: use one hatchery for fast runners (herrera, raptors, 
  austrlovenator, etc) spawn them directly from the hatchery, for slower and 
  bigger animals (especially sauropods) fly them to where you want them, use 
  the other hatchery for this.
* As soon as you have all your dinosaurs out there, delete the building.

Keep one ranger outpost (i prefer the JP og one). put it somewhere, it doesnít 
need a connection to let you use helicopter or ranger cars. its a nice way to 
get around the map.

-=Other tip=-
While placing the dinosaurs, keep them without needs like hunger, decease, 
thirst, etc. activate that after you have placed all the dinosaurs. it will 
get messy otherwise.
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