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It Lurks Below Cheats

It Lurks Below

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Kill Drackel the Flesh Ooze:
Written by Moose Hugger

When you find the ooze, you'll probably quickly discover his mechanic 
involves destroying all the eyes, which gives you a limited window to than 
shoot his heart. 
If you shoot his hear before killing the eyes, it does 0 damage.

I found, the easiest way to kill him at the moment is to first build 
little tunnel under his room. This lets you kill the eyes fairly easily 
by just knocking a hole in the cieling and shooting up. Close the hole 
and move to the next eye. 

Kill all the eyes but the last eye. 
There is no rush during this process. 
If you are low on health, teleport out and heal up and return.

Once you have one eye left, start filling in the space where the eyes 
spawned. If you kill the last eye, the eyes will quickly return and you'll 
have to deal with this fight all over again. So its important to leave that 
last eye while you do this.

Just fill in the spaces where the eyes previously where. Once you've done 
that, go into the center and stand next to the heart. You should behind 
the last eye at the point, so kill the last eye and fill in the space 
with blocks. 

Now, the eyes will respand, but you should be safe. Look at my picture 
if you need further help. You can safely shoot the back of the eyes and 
no beams will hit you. You are right next to the heart and can quickly 
kill the boss.
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