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Hot Rod - Garage To Glory Cheats

Hot Rod - Garage To Glory

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Enter one of the following names at the profile menu.

Status                           Name
All cars (Damaged), $71,000    - BUNTA
All cars (Hot Rod), $79,000    - SHINGO
All cars (Hot Rod), $76,000    - SIMONE
No Cars Unlocked, $203,500     - TAK

Submitted by: Dragi

Want $65355 dollars to start with Current rating : Unrated ??!!?!?!?! Ok firstly
start Hot Rod: Garage to Glory and create a profile and exit the game. Secondly 
open the Hex editor from the cheatbook. Then load the .sav file from the saves 
directory in the game file.

The first line of the .sav file should look like this:
FF FF FF FF AC 0D 00 00 FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 00 00

Right the AC 0D relates to the $3500 you get when you start the game, I changed it
in mine to FF FF and it gave me $65355 way more than enough to buy a junk and make
it go faster than the others :) 

Submitted by: Nico

Race on the moon all are X10 so when you race for 20$=200$ or 600$ =6000$ if you 
loos you loos 20$ or 600$ not 200$ or 6000$,, so a lot of mony is easy and leagal.

Free parts:
Use a text editor to edit the parts files in the "\valusoft\canopy games\
hot rod\hot rod garage to glory\parts" folder. You can the parts that you
wish to modify and change the "Cost" value to 1. 

For example: 
Name=Brake system level 1
Brake Pads level 1

Change "Cost=60" to "Cost=1".

Moon Drag track:
Finish all the tracks in tournament mode in the Hotrod level to unlock a 
drag track on the moon.

Easy money:
After unlocking the moon track, make a race on "grudge race" mode. When you win 
a race on the moon, the amount of your winnings will be multiplied by 10. For 
example, $20 becomes $200 and $600 becomes $6,000. Also, if you lose you will 
only lose the original amount, and not the bonus amount. You can use this whenever 
desired after unlocking the Moon Drag track

Easy money:
Enable the "SIMONE" code unlock all cars and receive $76,000. Then, sell as many 
cars as desired to receive more money. When you are done you will have money in 
the high millions.

Extreme Money:
Ok First buy a car (crappy) dont make it hot just put a level 2 transmission in
it and it should sell for 10,000 or more. (Do This 10 Times and you should have

Hex Cheat:
Submitted by: Parth Agrawal

Go to "\valusoft\canopy games\hot rod\hot rod garage to glory\parts" folder and
open any notepad of which do you want to decrease the price or to do anything i.e. 
durability etc 
-=For example=-
Name=Brake system level 1
Brake Pads level 1
change cost- 100 To Cost 1 ou can also change durability do this when game is closed.

Easy money:
An easy way to make some extra money somewhat fast is to buy your first car. Go 
into "Engine", "Body", and "Chassis". Sell all the individual parts by clicking 
"Remove". Do this for each category of the car then go back to the car selection
screen and sell the frame. Depending on the vehicle you should make about $300 
to $800 for each car. Do this enough times and you will be soon be able to buy 
level 10 blocks. Once you make enough money you can keep a car with all the parts
out and keep saving to fully upgrade the car by repeating the process. After about
thirty cars you might have a 6.5 second hot rod in your garage.
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