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Horse & Musket - Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century Cheats

Horse & Musket - Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century

Play conservatively. Order your troops into line formation 
early, and attack only when you feel confident that you'll 
win. Most actions cause disruption, and a highly disrupted 
unit is worthless, so be sure to stack the odds in your 
favor before committing your men. 

Keep your cannons out of the front line. Sure, it's tempting 
to mow down the enemy infantry with them, but cannons are 
easily captured if assaulted. You'll miss them when they 
are gone. 

The prime target for your cannon should be the enemy cannon. 
They are the most destructive unit on the battlefield, and 
deserve your immediate and repeated attention. 

Make sure you keep a leader's charges within his command 
radius. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting a 
unit's turn because it is not within a leader's command 

Submitted by: rickHH
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