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Hitman - Absolution Cheats

Hitman - Absolution

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ice cream truck assassination:
In the "End Of The Road" mission, when Agent 47 must kill his target in the arid desert,
there is an alternate way to kill him. Instead of shooting him, walk toward the five 
vultures nearby to scare them off. They will then be near or on the rusty old car and the
fallen dead tree, as well as one right beside the grave. All five birds should then fly 
into the sky and circle the area. Grab the sniper rifle from Agent 47's car trunk, and 
shoot the three vultures in the sky to your right (from the car, looking toward the grave),
then shoot the next bird slightly to the left (about the center of the screen), and finally
shoot the last bird on the left. If done correctly, the target will slowly walk to a certain
spot, and an ice cream truck will speed by, hitting and killing the target.

Chipmunk costume:
In the "Hunter And Hunted" mission, look for a man waiting in a dead-end alley. Knock the
guy out, and put his body in the dumpster to find a chipmunk mascot costume on the ground
that can be used as a disguise.

Pot Smoking Disco Cops Easter Egg:
Load the "Run For Your Life - Shangri-La Drugbust" mission. Make your way through the pot 
fields, and sneak past the two cops talking. Then, turn left and then right, and go into 
the back door. Activate the DJ radio, and the cops will start smoking pot and dancing.

Kane and Lynch references:
* The two playable characters from Kane & Lynch make appearances in this game, one during 
"Welcome to Hope - Great Balls of Fire" mission which is hard to miss; head into the bar to
find Kane standing about. You can even drag him into a barfight if you want to get physical 
with the patrons here.

* You can spot Kane again during the "Holding Cells - Skurky's Law" mission. Head into the 
sub-basement to the enter the vent. While you're making your way through the vent, peek 
through the grate.

* Lynch can be found in the outdoor gun range during "Birdie's Gift - Gun Shop" mission.

* Another cameo is less obvious to find. During the "Dexter Industries - Factory Compound"
mission, you'll eventually be in the Enter Industries building. Look for a nuke hanging 
from the ceiling here and shoot its very tip. This will trigger the hidden "Atomic Suntan"
Game Over cutscene featuring Kane and Lynch; be sure to save your progress before trying 

Stripper in Sniper Challenge:
Shoot the items on the bench, next to the pool and on top of the bear in Sniper Challenge to 
get a stripper to appear in a window of the building.

Dirty Dogs Easter Egg:
During the "Shaving Lenny - Streets of hope" mission, eliminate the first two targets and 
then return to the door that was locked. Unlock the door, then in the new area walk straight
until you reach a dog cage with two dogs in the middle of some very frisky business.

How to Skip Intro:
Written by T.C and Ghost

-=Step 1=-
Go to:
Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\loadingloop.bik

copy 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid to your desktop or somewhere convenient

-=Step 2=-
* Go to: Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legallines_pc.bik
* paste 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
* select AF079CC4DBE8E91C0EA5E8400EA12E95.pc_binkvid
* press F2
* press Ctrl + C
* delete or rename the file anything

* Select 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
* Press F2
* Press Ctrl + V

-=Step 3=-
Go back to where you originally stored 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid 
and copy the file again

Go to:
Hitman Absolution\runtime\videos_cutscenes\setup\ui\title_intro.platformspecific-video

* paste 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
* select ABBBA56F53BEB0C13FB8C331E015A246.pc_binkvid
* press F2
* press Ctrl + C
* delete or rename the file anything

* Select 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid
* Press F2
* Press Ctrl + V

* Done
* To have the intros back just verify the integrity of game files
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